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God’s Love is Like a Circle – Free Printable Valentines for Christian Kids

Free printable Valentines for Christian Kids  - great for Sunday School or church!

Every Valentines Day I try to come up with something my kids can give to their friends that doesn't include candy.  

I'm not crazy about my kids having tons of candy, so I figure it would be a little hypocritical to hand it out to everyone else.

This year's idea hit me super early one morning when I should have been sleeping, so I hopped out of bed and put these together.  

I specifically wanted some tags that would fit on a standard Ziploc bag since I always have those on hand.  

(If you don't know the song it's sung to the tune of "Stand up, Stand up for Jesus".)

God's Love is Like a Circle - Printable Valentines for Christian Kids

Printable Valentines for Christian Kids - Great for Sunday School or Church!

Awesome!  I love connecting with others who are passionate about teaching their children the love of Christ! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE VALENTINES.

I found a huge bag of bouncy balls on Amazon for about 10 bucks.  There were plenty to give each child several balls.  (Note: make sure that parents are aware that you have given these to their child as they could be a choking hazard.)  Here is the bag of balls that I bought:

More Valentine's Day goodies you might like:

Countdown to Valentine's Day with these printable love links for kids!
Free Printable Scripture Verse Valentines

Show Your Children How Much You Love Them With A Countdown to Valentine’s Day

As parents, we should always be trying our best to show our children we love them. (Here are 35 ways!)  But Valentine's Day gives us an opportunity to do some extra special things that will build lifetime memories and create lasting bonds with our children.


Countdown to Valentine's Day with these printable love links for kids!


Today I have 14 days worth of “love links” for kids that you can download and print.

Give one each day to your child. (see if you can come up with clever ways to do it to add to the excitement.  Slip one under their pillow, put it in their lunch, etc.)

Watch your child's eyes glow when he sees just how much he means to you!

Submit the form below to instantly receive the download:

Hooray!  You're all set!  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.


Count down to Valentine's Day with these printable Love Links for Kids

Free Printable Lego Valentines

Valentine's Day is almost here! If your children like Legos as much as mine do, I'm sure they'll love handing out these Lego Valentines to their friends!

Valentine's Day is almost here! If your children like Legos as much as mine do, I'm sure they'll love handing out these Lego Valentines to their friends!

Printable Lego Valentines

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Science Experiment for Kids: Make a Sundial

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Culturelle®. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

Pinterest collage

The other day, I was thinking about an easy science experiment I could do with my kids. We still had a few days until school started back up again, but I was ready to do something a little more structured with them but still fun. I only had a few criteria for our experiment:

  1. It must be outside (simply because I wanted to go outside and enjoy the sunshine.)
  2. It must use simple supplies that we already had.
  3. It must be something the kids would enjoy rather than endure simply to humor mama.

I ended up settling on making a sundial.  Making the sundial was super easy, but the kids got a big kick out of it! They still use it whenever they go outside.

Here's how you can make your own sundial:

1. Find the perfect stick – the straighter the better.

finding the perfect stick

“I found one!”

2. Gather 12 small stones.

3. Find a spot in your yard that is in full sun at all times of the day.

4. Pound the stick into the ground.

5. Look at your watch or clock. When it is exactly on the hour, place a stone right at the end of the stick's shadow.

stick and shadow 6. Place your other stones at equal intervals. Now you have the hours marked from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M.

completed sundial 7. As you are able, go outside at other hours of the day to check each stone's location for accuracy.

8. Now you can use your sundial to tell the time when you are outside! Each stone is an hour, and as the shadow moves between the stones, you can tell the time more exactly (e.g. if the shadow is halfway between two stones it is half past the hour).

The kids loved our little project. It was easy for mama to pull off, but interesting enough for the kids to understand that we were doing something special… not to mention the fact that they got a little science lesson explaining why the sundial works. This activity was one of our favorites out of all the ones we've done! Parents, I'm sure you'll have a blast if you follow these steps!

kids and sundial

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Easy Turkey Craft for Kids

When we do crafts around here, easy is the #1 requirement!

With Thanksgiving coming up, this easy turkey craft fits the bill!

Easy Turkey Craft for Kids | @mbream
  • Small paper plate
  • Construction paper
  • Brown tempera paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paint brushes
1. Paint the back side of the plate brown.
2. While the paint dries, trace your hands onto construction paper 3-4 times. We used orange, red, and
green, but feel free to use any colors you would like.
3.  Carefully cut out each hand print.
4.  Once the paint is dry, glue the hands onto the back side edges of the plate.
5. Glue on the eyes or buttons. Cut out a small triangle shape for the beak and glue into place.
See how simple that was?!  Fun for the kids, but stress-free for mom too!
Enjoy your easy turkey craft!

Saying Goodbye to Saggy Diapers

Do you ever look at your child from behind and think "Wow, that looks awful! It looks like her diaper hasn't been changed in a week!" Here's how we got rid of the saggy diaper look!


Do you ever look at your child from behind and think “Wow, that looks awful!  It looks like her diaper hasn't been changed in a week!”


As a blogger, I have had the opportunity to try out many diapers (will blog for diapers!), but since day 1 of my first child, Pampers has been my favorite brand, and that has never changed.

I consider Pampers the “premium” brand, and what I give to new moms to spoil them at their baby shower.

I didn't think there was a whole lot of room for improvement, so when I heard that Pampers Cruisers were upgraded to have less sag, I was intrigued.  I honestly didn't expect them to be much different.

But I was wrong!  While the diaper doesn't feel stiffer or seem like it would be less comfortable to my little “Cruiser”, there is definitely a different feel and look to the diaper when it is wet.  It stays firm and doesn't sag down making my daughter look like she hasn't had a diaper change in a week.

no more saggy diapers

They have a really good offer on these at Target right now through September 5:

Buy 2 Pampers Giant Packs Get $10 Gift Card

I took advantage of this deal to stock us up for the next little while!

Pampers Cruisers at Target

If you get the chance to try out the improved Pampers Cruisers, I know you will like them!  Just say no to diaper sag! 🙂


Pampers diapers


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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