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God’s Love is Like a Circle – Free Printable Valentines for Christian Kids

Free printable Valentines for Christian Kids  - great for Sunday School or church!

Every Valentines Day I try to come up with something my kids can give to their friends that doesn't include candy.  

I'm not crazy about my kids having tons of candy, so I figure it would be a little hypocritical to hand it out to everyone else.

This year's idea hit me super early one morning when I should have been sleeping, so I hopped out of bed and put these together.  

I specifically wanted some tags that would fit on a standard Ziploc bag since I always have those on hand.  

(If you don't know the song it's sung to the tune of "Stand up, Stand up for Jesus".)

God's Love is Like a Circle - Printable Valentines for Christian Kids

Printable Valentines for Christian Kids - Great for Sunday School or Church!

Awesome!  I love connecting with others who are passionate about teaching their children the love of Christ! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE VALENTINES.

I found a huge bag of bouncy balls on Amazon for about 10 bucks.  There were plenty to give each child several balls.  (Note: make sure that parents are aware that you have given these to their child as they could be a choking hazard.)  Here is the bag of balls that I bought:

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