35 Ways to Say I Love You To Your Child

35 Ways to Say “I Love You” to Your Child

You love your kids so much you could burst.  But do they know how much you love them?

Here are 35 actions you can take that will say “I LOVE YOU” to your child loud and clear!

35 Ways to Say I Love You To Your Child

1. Write notes

Write love notes to your child.  Send them in their lunch, leave them on their pillow, or put them beside their plate at the table.

2. Buy a prize when you go shopping

If you go to the store alone, bring them back a little something to say “I was thinking about you while I was gone.”

3. Take them somewhere fun

Go to the playground “just because”!

4. Play with them

Don't just watch your child play!  Get out there and throw the ball, swing on the monkey bars, or race your child across the backyard.

5. Read to them

Do your children know that reading is important?  Do they know that they are important?  Read to them and they'll know that both are important!

6. Fix their favorite meal

Just because you know they like it!

7. Make them “Queen for a day” or “King for a Day”

Treat them to royal service!  (Within reason!)

8. Look at them when they are talking to you

Look away from your phone or turn your face away from the sink full of dishes and look at your child when they speak to you.  Get down on their level as often as possible as look them straight in the eye.  By doing this your actions say loud and clear, “I'm listening.  What you have to say is important to me.”

9. Use a gentle tone of voice and respectful phraseology when speaking to them

10. Let them stay up a little while past bedtime to read or snuggle with mom and dad

11. Say “Yes!” when they ask if you can ____ (build a fort, make some popcorn, play outside, etc.)

— even if you're busy.

12. Give hugs and kisses

– You can never give a child too many.

13. Treat everything they say as if it's a big deal

– Because to them, it is!

 14. Compliment them

15. Don't interrupt when they are speaking

16. Write letters and send them in the mail

17. Give them appropriate boundaries

When you say “no” to the second helping of ice cream, “no” to staying up late, or “no” to mindless TV and video games, they know you are looking out for their well-being.  Love protects, even when it means saying no to something your child wants.

18. Let him help you in the kitchen

Kids always want to help with dinner.  They're thrilled when they can spend time near you and learn to do things that make them feel grown-up.

19. Take them on a date

Setting aside special time to take your child on a date makes them feel important.

20. Encourage

– Through success, and (especially) through failure

21. Tell stories about their childhood

Kids love to hear about when they were younger.  It makes them realize that they have always been special to you.  So much so that you want to remember every little thing about them.

22. Help with their chores

Kids need to learn responsibility, but sometimes just acknowledging that “This growing up thing is hard work.  Let me help you,” makes your child realize that you care about their feelings.

23. Ignore the phone

Ignore all those texts and emails from work.  Quit looking at Facebook.  Your child is  more important than those!

24. Call when you're away

Whether you're gone for 2 days or 2 hours, kids love it when you call and let them know you're missing them.

25. Make mental notes of what they like

Then surprise them with it.

26. Answer their questions

Don't ignore their questions or try to brush them off.  Answer their questions.  (Yes, all of them!)  Look up the answers if you don't know.

27. Smile

If you're happy to be around your child, make sure to communicate that to your face or your child won't know it!

28. Tell jokes

Kids love silliness.

29. Listen to their jokes

And they want you to think they're funny too.

30. Be honest

Lying isn't loving, even when the truth is painful.  Find a way to gently tell your child the truth.

31. Give a back rub

Gentle touches tell your child you're happy to be with them.

32. Sing to them

33. Tuck them in bed at night

34. Be sympathetic

If they're crying about something, it's obviously a big deal, even if it doesn't seem to you like it should be.  Don't dismiss it and tell them to “get over it”.  Say I'm sorry and give a hug instead.

35. Say “I Love You”

They want to hear the words from you!  So tell them!  You can't say these words often enough!

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