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Science Experiment for Kids: Make a Sundial

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The other day, I was thinking about an easy science experiment I could do with my kids. We still had a few days until school started back up again, but I was ready to do something a little more structured with them but still fun. I only had a few criteria for our experiment:

  1. It must be outside (simply because I wanted to go outside and enjoy the sunshine.)
  2. It must use simple supplies that we already had.
  3. It must be something the kids would enjoy rather than endure simply to humor mama.

I ended up settling on making a sundial.  Making the sundial was super easy, but the kids got a big kick out of it! They still use it whenever they go outside.

Here's how you can make your own sundial:

1. Find the perfect stick – the straighter the better.

finding the perfect stick

“I found one!”

2. Gather 12 small stones.

3. Find a spot in your yard that is in full sun at all times of the day.

4. Pound the stick into the ground.

5. Look at your watch or clock. When it is exactly on the hour, place a stone right at the end of the stick's shadow.

stick and shadow 6. Place your other stones at equal intervals. Now you have the hours marked from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M.

completed sundial 7. As you are able, go outside at other hours of the day to check each stone's location for accuracy.

8. Now you can use your sundial to tell the time when you are outside! Each stone is an hour, and as the shadow moves between the stones, you can tell the time more exactly (e.g. if the shadow is halfway between two stones it is half past the hour).

The kids loved our little project. It was easy for mama to pull off, but interesting enough for the kids to understand that we were doing something special… not to mention the fact that they got a little science lesson explaining why the sundial works. This activity was one of our favorites out of all the ones we've done! Parents, I'm sure you'll have a blast if you follow these steps!

kids and sundial

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