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My Journey to Healthy Living

Balancing Time, Money, and Health

This is the story of my journey to healthy living.  The story is not complete yet, and it won't be until the day I die.  It is my goal to always be learning about what I can improve and making positive changes.

The steps in my journey have often been slow.  Other times I've felt as if things were moving way too quickly for me to keep up with it all.  That's why this is all about Finding the Balance.

I want to be as healthy as possible, but there are also demands on my time and on my tightly-stretched budget.  How do you stay healthy without feeling like your whole life is spent in the kitchen?  How do you purchase only the best ingredients when your budget says you must do otherwise?

My story will not be the same as your story.  Our circumstances are different; our budgets are different.  And once we think we have it all figured out, things change.  We get a raise and are finally able to put more money toward the food budget.  We lose a job and have to figure out how to eat as frugally as possible without feeding our family things that could damage their health.  Regardless of what your story looks like, I hope mine will inspire you to keep taking steps forward toward a healthier lifestyle!

If you've been reading here for a while, you may have read these posts in the past.  If not, here's my story in a nutshell:

As I continue on this journey, I hope to bring you along and share new things as I learn them.  I strongly desire that I never make anyone feel guilty if they don't make the same exact choices I do.  And I hope I never give anyone the feeling that they have the right to look down on others' choices either.

Keep going forward – one step at a time!

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