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Natural Makeup That Works For Me

I haven't worn makeup for almost 2 years.

When I was in high school or college I would have died to even go out of the house without makeup.  Once I got married I relaxed a little bit, but I still would NEVER go to church without makeup.

Then when I began having all sorts of health issues (you can read a little bit about my journey in my book), I realized that  I was having allergy type symptoms (sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, etc.), but only on Sundays.

I finally realized that the culprit was my makeup.

I stuck it out for a while, but the symptoms just kept getting worse.  I was miserable any time I wore makeup.

I had already been eliminated as many toxins from my life as I could, and I knew this was one more step that I needed to take.

Since I didn't know of any natural makeup that would suit my needs, I was going everywhere with a completely bare face.

I never wore much makeup to begin with, but going with a completely bare face was making me feel so frumpy.

I really like the type of foundation that's like a cross between liquid and powder – like a cream foundation – but the only natural brands of makeup I could find only carried powder based foundations.

Finally I discovered Moody Sisters Skincare and they had exactly what I was looking for!

I wrote to them and asked if I could try out some of their makeup and blog about it, and they readily agreed.

Moody Sisters

They sent me some cream foundation, mascara, and lip gloss.

You can see the before and after results – nothing dramatic, but that is exactly how I like my makeup.  Just enough to smooth out my face and give me some color.

20150820_162217          20150820_163646

(Looks like I had a little photo bomber!)


What I didn't like:

– The mascara will definitely run if you cry!  There is really no way around that with a natural makeup, but it has a great consistency and offers really nice and even, non-clumpy coverage

– I had hoped to spread the foundation with a sponge, but since there are no preservatives in the makeup (that's a good thing!) the sponge molded overnight.  I have found, though, that it's not bad at all to spread it with my fingers.  It doesn't make my skin nasty and sticky and stain everything I touch afterward like conventional makeup would.

– The color of the lip gloss doesn't last terribly long, so I carry it in my purse to re-apply.


What I loved:

– The color of foundation was perfect, and the girls were so helpful at helping me pick a color that was just right.  It goes on very smoothly and doesn't make my skin feel oily at all.

– The ingredients are all things I could eat if I wanted – no more sneezing and itching from toxic chemicals!

– Like I mentioned above, the consistency of the mascara is very nice. I would think that would be hard to do with natural ingredients, but they've done it!

– The lip gloss is also a nice consistency.


If you're looking for some makeup that doesn't contain toxic chemicals but that will still do a great job of offering coverage and color, you should check out Moody Sisters Skincare!  They have lots of other products too that I haven't tried yet.


Natural makeup that works for me

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