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3 Reasons I’m a Fan of Grove Collaborative

Have you heard of Grove Collaborative?

I order all of my household cleaning products from there – laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, etc.

Here's why I've chosen to use it as my go-to source for all of my household necessities:

  1. Discover new non-toxic products – right now I'm using Molly's Suds for my laundry and Seventh Generation dishwasher tabs for my dishwasher.  I love how I don't have to search high and low for household products that I can feel good about using.  I've discovered products that I don't think I would have realized even existed because the choices at the local stores are just not as numerous when it comes to non-toxic products.  Grove Collaborative is always adding new items too, and I love trying out new brands!

Here is a picture of my most recent order:

Grove Collaborative - the best source for non-toxic household products!

Some of the products I liked, some I didn't, but I was trying some new things this time.  Those Mrs. Meyer's fall scents, though!  Mmm!!


2. Auto-ship

Oh, where would I be without auto-ship?  Out of laundry detergent, most likely.  I'm one of those people that makes a shopping list and then forgets to take it to the store.  I LOVE having my stuff auto-shipped where I don't even have to think about remembering it.

It's so easy to switch around my subscription too, so if I don't need something or I want to try out a new product, I can very easily change things around or even cancel the next month's order.
3. VIP membership

With a VIP membership, I get free shippng on every order, plus free or discounted products throughout the year.  Every so often, they send me an email letting me know I can add a select item to my next order for free or at a big discount.  I've discovered a lot of new products this way that I wouldn't have tried otherwise.


The prices are very comparable to what I would pay otherwise, and I love the convenience of having all my household needs shipped to me on auto-pilot.  I also appreciate how easy it is to turn off a subscription if I can't afford it one month.  They also remind me when it's time for my next shipment so that I have a chance to customize my order if I need to.  No shady business or jumping through a lot of hoops to avoid unwanted charges on my credit card – I really appreciate that in a subscription company because that does happen with some of them!

If you haven't tried out Grove Collaborative yet,you can get a free $10 credit to use on your first order when  you sign up through this link!

I'd love to know which brand catches your eye first!

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