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Time, Money, Health (Part 4)

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Pop Tarts

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After we successfully polished off 40 boxes of Pop-tarts, I was so disgusted that “buying” the free junk food with coupons really wasn't even a temptation any more.  I continued to coupon, but gladly passed up any type of food that I felt would be bad at all for my family.  I kept whittling down my list of foods that I was willing to purchase.  Eventually I got to the point where all I did was to skim the lists on the coupon blogs looking for great sales on meat and vegetables and coupons for things like cheese and eggs.  I renewed my allegiance to ALDI and only went to the big stores if there were several of my approved items on sale.


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(I did continue to coupon at the drug stores, and for a time got more heavily involved in that than ever.  I got a lot of free necessities for our family like diapers and toilet paper and made a lot of money selling all the excess freebies.  But that's another story for another time.)

It was around that same time that I happened to win a blog giveaway for a bunch of Dave Ramsey‘s books and other products.  My husband and I both read The Total Money Makeover, more out of curiosity than anything.  We had both grown up in homes where debt was never a problem, and we carried that over into our marriage.  We didn't spend money on things we didn't need, we saved up and paid cash for big purchases, and we felt like we were doing just fine financially.

What did this guy have to say that we didn't already know?

As it turned out, he knew quite a bit more than we did…


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