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The Law of Kindness – Printable

Guest post from Imperfect Homemaker contributor Andrea.

The Lord has been dealing with me lately about the words I use and the way I speak to my family members. When I get frustrated I often start to tear others down rather than build them up.  I express my frustration in my words and my tone.  But that is not how the virtuous woman speaks.

Proverbs 31:26 says, “She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.”

Do you know what a law is?  It may be defined in several ways:
  1. The system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and may enforce by the imposition of penalties.
  2. A statement of fact, deduced from observation, to the effect that a particular natural or scientific phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions are present.

Law.  Something that regulates the actions (or words) of its members.  Something that always occurs if certain conditions are present.  When the virtuous woman opens her mouth, it is always kindness that comes forth.  When she speaks, wisdom and kindness always govern her words.  There is no deviation.  It is a fact, and others can observe it.  Her words are kind.  That is how I want to speak.  I want others to know that when Andrea talks, it will always be kind and uplifting.  I want my children to know, by observation, that Mommy will always speak to them with love and kindness – no matter the circumstances, and no matter the offence.

But I also realize that I can't just “remember” to have this kindness true of my words.  And I can't just try harder.  I've tried to do that, and I fall flat on my face – good intentions and all – every time.  This  is something that only God can do through me.  I am so thankful that He has already provided the victory for me to conquer my unkind words.  All I have to do is choose to walk in it.  He can take my flesh-filled attitudes and words and transform them into a sweet savour.
2 Cor 2 14 4x6 jpg
I have been asking the Lord to remind me to use kindness when I speak.  To help me remember, I created a printable of Proverbs 31:26.  It hangs on the center cupboard in my kitchen – a place where I spend a good portion of my time each day.  I look up and I reminded to have the law of kindness in my tongue.
prov 31 26 jpg
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Free Printable Addition Flashcards

addition flashcards

There are so many little “extras” that would be helpful for homeschooling, but I don't always have the money to spend on them.  So whenever I can I make my own.  I am needing arithmetic flashcards this year, and I am creating all of them for me and for you too if you need them!

I have moved all of my homeschooling posts to christianhomeschoolfamily.com.

You can go here to read this post at the new site.


Free Printable for Mother’s Day

Last year a friend gave me a framed picture for Mother's Day that had this quote on it:

“Good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens, and happy kids.”

I put that little picture frame on the back of my oven.  I had just had the twins, and life was really in a big transition period.  Many times I would be standing there at the stove cooking supper, frustrated and overwhelmed with the piles of dishes, the dirty bathroom, and the volume of laundry.  I would see that quote and be reminded about what is truly important – how I am raising my children.  It helped me not to feel so guilty during those months when I simply didn't have enough time or enough hands!

I was very sad when my picture accidentally fell into the pot of french fry oil and was ruined!  I made another one, and I thought you might enjoy it too!  I created several different colors so hopefully you can find one that works for you!  (Each one is an 8×10 jpg file).

Good Moms Quote teal jpg

{download teal here}

Good Moms Quote browns jpg

{download brown here}

Good Moms Quote multi colored jpg

{download multi here}

Good Moms Quote green jpg

{download green here}

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Free Illustrated Bible Verses (KJV)

Teach your child a new verse every month with these free illustrated Bible Verses!

Each verse directly applies to things children will face in their daily lives, such as:

  • Salvation
  • Obedience
  • Being kind
  • Being generous
  • Being cheerful
  • Being diligent
  • And more!


Free illustrated Bible verses (KJV)


You can use these along with the Bible time suggestions for toddlers and preschoolers to help your little ones get to know God and his word better.


Each verse is full sized with colorful illustrations that are appropriate for each month of the year.  All scriptures are taken from the King James Version of the Bible.


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