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Printable Healthy Living Worksheets

Some of you may have printed these back in the fall, but I want to make them available to you again as a part of Project Simplify.

healthy living printable pack If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you have to make it easy for yourself to do so. That takes planning, and I've put together some helpful worksheets to help you do that.

What you get:

Menu planner – plan out your meals and snacks ahead of time.  You will be amazed how much time, money, and stress this will save you. Menu planner

Daily Schedule – keep track of appointments and your to-do list.  There are also places to mark off as you drink your water, exercise, and take your supplements, and a place for you to keep a food diary.

Daily Schedule

Shopping List – after you make your menu, add the ingredients you need to your shopping list.Shopping List


Meal Tracker – keep track of what you eat and how you feel.  If you suspect food sensitivities or you're finding that you have low energy levels, you'll be able to narrow down what you're eating that makes you feel better or worse. (If you're needing more help overcoming fatigue, you'll want to check out my eBook, Farewell, Fatigue.)Meal Tracker


Supplement tracker – There are several supplements I take every day, and I can feel a noticeable difference in how I feel if I forget to take them.  Remind yourself what you need to take and mark off when you've done that.Supplement Tracker

To get your printables, just enter your name and email address, and your pack will be delivered to your inbox.  (Be sure to check your spam folder if you don't see it.)

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Project Simplify: Turning Goals into Reality

If you have not already printed these free goal-setting printables, you can do that now and work on determining the goals that you would like to reach this year.

Since the theme this year is “Project Simplify”, I thought it would be pretty silly to make some kind of complicated worksheet to help me determine how to reach my goals.

Instead, I am using a simple calendar.

If you care to use my simple method, read on and I'll explain how to make your goals become reality.

Turning goals into reality

  • Re-read your list of goals and determine how they can broken up into actionable items.  For example, if you wrote that you want to memorize more scripture, you should decide  which specific verses you want to memorize and by what date you want to have them memorized.  Add that to your calendar.  I want to memorize Colossians chapter 3, and I am planning to memorize one verse each week.  So I have added “Colossians 3:1” to the first week of the calendar, “Colossians 3:2” to the second week, and so on.
  • If you have long-term goals, break them down into steps and determine a deadline for each step.  Add each step to your calendar.  For example, let's say you want to re-decorate your bedroom.  Give yourself a couple weeks to decide on the colors you want.  Mark that deadline on your calendar and focus the next couple weeks on browsing Pinterest and magazines until you're sure you know what you want.  The next deadline could be when you want to have it painted by.  Then when you want to have the new curtains made (or bought).  And so on.
  • Make sure your goals are reasonable.  I know many people suggest to aim high, but I'm going to suggest the opposite.  You can always add more if you easily reach one goal.  My tendency in years past has been to be all starry-eyed about the things I'm going to accomplish.  Then when it's too much to keep up with I end up getting discouraged and scrapping everything.  I'd rather choose a couple simple things and do a good job keeping up with them than to end up aiming too high and ending up accomplishing nothing.


See how simple this is?  I bet I  could sum up this whole post in one sentence.  Let me try:

After assuring that your goals are reasonable, turn them into specific actions and add them to your calendar in the appropriate places.

In a few days I'll be sharing my daily planner (if you can even call it that -it's so easy!) and how I translate what's on my calendar into daily actions. But for now, go ahead and print your 12 calendar pages and work on translating your goals into specific actions you can put onto the calendar.

(And go ahead and add birthdays and other yearly events now too. )

 Printable Calendar to help you turn goals into reality

 Download here


For those of you who indicated on Facebook that you really could use some help in the organizational department, you will not want to miss the post where I share my daily planner! I'm calling it “The Planner for the ADD Personality”, or “A Simple Planning System for People who Hate to Plan” or something like that.  It's working for me, and I've been pretty much hopeless until now.

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Free Goal-Setting Printables

Have you thought about what you'd like to accomplish in 2014?

More importantly, have you thought about what God wants you to accomplish this year?

My husband and I have a date planned for this Friday night to sit down and make a list of goals that we believe God would have our family to work towards.

I will also be sitting down this evening to work on my personal goals for this year.

You've probably all heard the old saying, “If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time.”  I want to aim for something.  In this season of my life, that may not be anything “big”.  My life is full right now with taking care of my home and children, and there's not much room for many “big” things.  And that's okay.

As you think through your goals for the year, just keep them simple and realistic.  You don't have to come up with specific steps for reaching those goals quite yet – I'll be providing printable worksheets for that within the next few days.  Just start jotting down everything you can think of that you'd like to accomplish, then go back and pray over your list and re-evaluate what you should keep and what you should cross off.  Remember, if you try to focus on doing too much, you'll actually accomplish less.

You can use these free printable goal setting sheets.

Free Goal-Setting Printables

Download Here

I've included the following:


Spiritual goals – Do you want to read all the way through the Bible this year?  Memorize a large passage of scripture?  Those things go here.

Personal goals – this is for things like exercising, personal hobbies, home business ventures like blogging or direct sales, etc.

Homemaking goals – this includes anything that has to do with your home and family like menu planning, cleaning and organizing, spending quality time with your husband or children, etc.

Family goals – this is for goals that you set as a family and all work on together.  Maybe you'd like to accomplish some yard or house projects together or participate in some type of ministry as a family.  Work on those goals together and put them here.

You'll probably want to put these printables in a binder as I will be offering many, many printables this year as a part of Project Simplify.  (Get the first one here if you missed it.)

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What area do you most need to simplify this year?


Free Gift Inventory Printable

This free printable Gift Inventory is just the first of many free printables I'll be offering this year to help you be more organized.

The theme on the blog for 2014 is “Project Simplify”.  I want to simplify my life by reducing clutter both in my home and my schedule so that I have more space to accomplish more!

As I babystep my way toward simplifying my life, I'll be sharing helpful resources with you as I go along.

I'm starting with this printable gift inventory because right now there are lots of after Christmas sales going on and I am already starting my gift shopping for 2014.

Here's how I plan to use this list:

  • I will list the names of every person for whom I would normally buy gifts in a year.  If I would normally give them more than one gift (for example, a birthday gift and a Christmas gift), I will list their name separately for each occasion.
  • I will either write gift ideas as I think of them, or if I stumble across a clearance item I will go ahead and buy it and write down what I got them so I will remember what I have purchased for whom.
  • I'll also write down the date that I need to have the gift by (their birthdate or the date of our family Christmas gathering, etc.)

With everyone already listed out for the year I can think ahead and shop for good deals all year long.  I also won't have to worry about scrambling for gifts at the last minute!

Free Gift Inventory Printable

Download and Print your Gift Inventory Here.


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What areas of your life do you need to work on simplifying?