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Free Printable for Mother’s Day

Last year a friend gave me a framed picture for Mother's Day that had this quote on it:

“Good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens, and happy kids.”

I put that little picture frame on the back of my oven.  I had just had the twins, and life was really in a big transition period.  Many times I would be standing there at the stove cooking supper, frustrated and overwhelmed with the piles of dishes, the dirty bathroom, and the volume of laundry.  I would see that quote and be reminded about what is truly important – how I am raising my children.  It helped me not to feel so guilty during those months when I simply didn't have enough time or enough hands!

I was very sad when my picture accidentally fell into the pot of french fry oil and was ruined!  I made another one, and I thought you might enjoy it too!  I created several different colors so hopefully you can find one that works for you!  (Each one is an 8×10 jpg file).

Good Moms Quote teal jpg

{download teal here}

Good Moms Quote browns jpg

{download brown here}

Good Moms Quote multi colored jpg

{download multi here}

Good Moms Quote green jpg

{download green here}

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