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Creamy Berry Smoothie Recipe

I am not a big breakfast eater. I know it's important to eat a good breakfast, but I'm just not really an eggs and bacon kind of girl.

I went browsing around on my Build a Menu account for some easy but nutritious ideas that I could make for myself and my kids, and this is what I found:


Creamy Berry Smoothie Recipe - no sweetener needed!

The recipe was actually a Trim Healthy Mama recipe, but I modified it some and ended up with what I call a Creamy Berry Smoothie. I have no idea if it would still be THM approved, if you do THM, I'm sure you'll know right away if it is, and if not you can modify it back. 🙂

Here's what I used: (definitely approximations because I was really just trying to fill up the blender so there was enough for me and all the kids)

1 cup plain yogurt
1 cup milk
1 cup strawberries
1/2 cup blueberries
3 scoops protein powder
1/4 cup coconut oil


This made a ton! I ended up filling up the kids' popsicle molds with the leftovers.

It turned out so good! I'll definitely be building smoothies into our weekly menus a lot more often – we get our protein, our fat, and part of our daily produce all without cooking or cleaning up a bunch of dishes.

If you want more amazing recipes to build into your week, you really must try out Build a Menu.

(And shh…I've got the word the sale they are having right now is the lowest price they ever offerr. I know a lot of you already love their service, but they've made some changes and it's even better!)

Now go make that smoothie! It's amazing!

Free eBook: 470 Crock Pot Recipes!

Crock Pot Recipes


I was given this collection of 470 crock pot recipes several years ago with complete permission to share.  I let it sit on my computer for the longest time until I finally decided that it wasn't doing any good sitting in a folder.  So I packaged it up all nice and neat to share with you!

Note: I emphasize “real food” eating around here, and many of these recipes contain packaged ingredients that I wouldn't recommend.  However, so many of those things are easy to replace with something else.

For example: I use yogurt in place of cream of ___ soup or mayo.; create my own seasoning mixes instead of using packets, use homemade bread crumbs, etc.  For baking, here is a list of healthy baking substitutions that I put together a while back.


To get your eBook, simply enter your email in the form below and the download link will arrive in your inbox shortly.  (Be sure to check your spam folder if you don't see it right away.)



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Try Something New (Imperfect Homemaking Challenge)

We all do it — we clip recipes from magazines or pin them on Pinterest and then let them just sit there collecting dust.

We see something that looks good and think “I should try that,” but we just never “get around to it.”

Well now is the time to get around to it!

You may find a new family favorite!

Good advice from Imperfect Homemaker

Today's Challenge: Make a new recipe.

If you don't have the ingredients on hand, add them to your shopping list right now so you don't forget.

Instagram challenge: Post a picture of something new that you made or of the recipe you're planning to try once you buy the ingredients.  Use the hashtag #imperfecthomemaker to encourage other members of this community!  (Follow me here.)


If you’re just joining the 31 Days of Imperfect Homemaking series, you can see all the posts here.


31 Days of Imperfect Homemaking | A Series for Christian Homemakers

Royal Berkey Giveaway!

My guess is that you are blessed with access to clean running water. We don't really worry about getting parasites or other waterborne diseases when we turn on our tap.

But while we are blessed with clean water coming through indoor plumbing, are you aware of some of the environmental contaminants that are frequently found in that water? Traces of heavy metals like mercury and aluminum, pesticide residues, and volatile organic compounds can be found in our drinking water!

Berkey Giveaway Banner from Positively Real Media

This is why the bloggers of Positively Real Media are so excited to be teaming up to bring to you a Royal Berkey 3.25 Gallon Stainless Steel Water Purifier giveaway sponsored by United Environmental Solutions!

About The Berkey

Berkey water purifiers are truly unique water purifying systems. According to UES, they are able to remove red food coloring from water while still allowing beneficial minerals to remain!

As free-standing units that put the power of gravity to use, the Berkey systems don't use any electricity. This makes them excellent systems to have on hand while camping or during power outages.



Our family personally uses and loves the Berkey filter.  You can read about our experience and find out why we like it so much here.



Positively Real Media is giving away a Royal Berkey

While whole house filtration systems can be fantastic solutions to the problem of residual water contamination, they are simply out of the budget for most families. However, a Berkey system is a fraction of the cost and can filter 4 gallons of water per hour, making it a great fit for families!

If you want to ensure that your family's drinking and cooking water is as clean and pure as it can be, a Berkey may be just what you need!

Win A 3.25 Gallon Royal Berkey!

The bloggers of Positively Real Media, a network of naturally-minded Christian bloggers, are thrilled to be able to offer one of our readers a 3.25 Gallon Royal Berkey Stainless Steel Water Purifier, valued at $300! Many thanks to United Environmental Solutions for providing this fantastic prize to one blessed reader.

Just use the Rafflecopter form below to get your entries in!

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One Step at a Time (Imperfect Homemaking Challenge)

Healthy changes come one simple step at a time.

Sometimes that's literally.

If you've been struggling to find time for an exercise routine, your challenge today is simple.

Today's Challenge: Take a walk

That may be a walk around the back yard or around the neighborhood.  Just get up and get moving!

You don't need a fancy exercise routine.  Just move!

Instagram challenge: Post a photo of your view on your walk.  Use the hashtag #imperfecthomemaker to encourage other members of this community.  (Follow me here.)


If you’re just joining the 31 Days of Imperfect Homemaking series, you can see all the posts here.


31 Days of Imperfect Homemaking | A Series for Christian Homemakers

One Easy Way to Boost Your Health (Imperfect Homemaking Challenge)

There are always changes we can make to better our health — no matter how far we've come on our healthy living journey.

Sometimes it's hard to know exactly what step to take next; there are so many different directions we could go!

But for the sake of this challenge, we're focusing on simplicity and just doing something!

healthy living

So today your challenge is very, very simple:

Drink more water.

Maybe you're already doing really well at drinking plenty of water.  If so, I'm glad!  I generally do pretty well at it too.  But occasionally we get thrown off kilter by an extra busy day or change of routine.  When that happens I can feel the effects almost immediately.  It's such a simple thing that makes such a huge difference!  If you're already doing well at your drinking plenty of water, keep it up!  If not, now is the time to start.  Making small changes can make a big difference in your health!


Instagram challenge: Post a picture of your water bottle.  Use the hashtag #imperfecthomemaker and encourage other members of this community!  (Follow me here.)

(By the way, this is what I use for drinking water.  It keeps it cold all day long (even when I'm running errands in a hot car) and is totally spill-proof (perfect for being around curious kids all day).  It's a little pricey, but well worth it.  (And I rarely say that because I hate spending money.)

If you’re just joining the 31 Days of Imperfect Homemaking series, you can see all the posts here.

31 Days of Imperfect Homemaking | A Series for Christian Homemakers