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30 Uses for Coconut Oil

30 Uses for Coconut Oil - great list!




There are so many uses for coconut oil!  If I could only have one natural thing in my house I think I would probably choose coconut oil just because it is good for so many things!


Here are 30 ideas to get you started:


Beauty Aids:

1. Skin Moisturizer
2. Lip moisturizer
3. Make-up remover
4. Under-eye treatment for bags and wrinkles
5. Prevent or treat stretch marks
6. Treat nails and cuticles
7. Smooth rough and cracked heels
8. Natural sunscreen
9. Treat dandruff
10. Reduce age spots
11. Tame hair flyaways
12. Dry hair treatment – leave in hair for a couple hours, then wash out
13. Make homemade body scrub – mix with sugar and essential oils
14. Natural deodorant
15. Shaving cream
16. Homemade toothpaste – mix with baking soda

Baby care:

17. Treat minor diaper rash
18. Treat cradle cap
19. Treat or prevent nipple irritation for nursing mothers
20. Increase milk flow in nursing mothers


Health and medicine:

21. Soothe bee stings or bug bites
22. Soothe sunburn
23. Energy boost
24. Prevent nose bleeds



25. Use while cooking in place of vegetable oil
26. Butter substitute
27. Use in place of shortening or pan spray
(For tons more ideas for using coconut oil in cooking, go here)



Around the house: 

28. Mix with lemon juice for natural furniture polish
29. Homemade Goo Gone
30. Leather moisturizer

This is by no means an exhaustive list.  If you use for coconut oil for something that's not on this list, would you mind leaving a comment and letting us know?


You can order coconut oil from Tropical Traditions.  Theirs is the highest quality oil I know of.




My Super-Wimpy Workout Routine

My super wimpy workout routine - this works well for me!


I mentioned here that I had quit making excuses and started exercising again.  Can I tell you something?  Whatever it was in me that was telling me that I was getting exercise by working vigorously when I did my housework, playing with the kids out in the yard, etc. was LYING!

I have been doing a 15 minute workout routine, with only 5 minutes of that being cardio.  After those 5 minutes, my heart rate was maxed out.  I was at the top of the chart for my age where it is suggested that a workout that intense should only be done for short periods of time.  My heart rate has always tended to be high, but I am in BAD shape!  Not to mention my muscles are just a tiny bit sore too. {Sarcasm.}  I am now more determined than ever to keep at this thing.  I am realizing more and more how much my lifestyle now is going to affect me when I'm older.  I am only 26, and I am struggling to do this wimpy little workout.  If I keep neglecting to exercise, I honestly think I will be shortening my lifespan.  I want to keep my heart and body strong so that I have the health and energy to take care of my family (and so that Lord willing I can stick around longer too!)

So, what's my Super-Wimpy Workout Routine?

I knew I needed a workout routine that would be easy enough for me but still challenging.  I saw a workout on Pinterest somewhere that had 15 different 1 minute things to do.  I knew that would be perfect for me.  I can do anything for 1 minute, and I love the variety of it!  I came up with my own little version of it.

If you're in the same boat as me, and you're needing to work back into regular exercising, here's my little plan:

Do the following for one minute each:

  • Walk in place
  • High Knees
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Front Kicks
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Run in place
  • Walk in place
  • Lunges
  • Hip Raises
  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • Hip Raises
  • Lunges
  • Walk in place
  • Calf Stretches

When I get to where my heart rate isn't maxed out, I will probably repeat this 2 times and do 30 minutes worth.  To make it easy to time each thing for 1 minute, I set this online timer  for 15 minutes.  When it gets down to 14 minutes, I start on the next thing; at 13 minutes I do the next thing, and so on and so forth.


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