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Interested in earning money for promoting products you like?

Join my affiliate program!

Here's how it works:

1. You sign up for an affiliate account.

2. Log in and use the provided links to post on your blog, email, or social media accounts.

3. When visitors come to my site through your links, their visits log a tracking cookie for the next 90 days.

4. If they make a purchase within those 90 days, you get 30% of their purchase price!

Use your affiliate link to promote free downloads from Imperfect Homemaker!  Your followers will get the freebie, and you will set a tracking cookie.

When they receive email notifications from me about new products, you get the commission when they purchase!

To easily add your affiliate link to any freebie I offer, simply add the following to the end of your url:    ?ap_id=youraffiliateidhere

For example, if the url is https://www.imperfecthomemaker.com/really-awesome-freebie,  you would change it to https://www.imperfecthomemaker.com/really-awesome-freebie?ap_id=youraffiliateidhere

Your affiliate id is whatever you entered when you signed up.  Log in to find it if you forgot.

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