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Wholesome Thanksgiving Books for Kids

I've always wanted to be one of those moms who is organized to have a collection of Thanksgiving books for kids ready and waiting to use during the month of November.

This year was finally that year!

I searched and curated all the best Thanksgiving kids' books for you and your children to enjoy during this Thanksgiving season. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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History of Thanksgiving
These books will introduce your children to the history behind why we celebrate Thanksgiving.

1. The First Thanksgiving
An easy reader for grades 1-3, this book is a concise history of the Pilgrim's journey to America and their first winter.

2. Squanto's Journey
A brief history of Squanto's time in Europe, and how he used his knowledge of the English language and his skills as a native American to help the Pilgrims through their first winter in America.

3. Thank you, Sarah
A silly story that introduces children to the woman who worked tirelessly to make Thanksgiving Day a national holiday. Several pages of interesting historical facts and timelines are included in the back of the book.

Modern History
These books share stories of modern immigrants, and describe their thankfulness to live in a country where they have freedom to worship God as the Pilgrims did.

4. Molly's Pilgrim
This is the story of Russian immigrants who learn about the American Thanksgiving holiday, and find that they relate to the same desire for freedom of religion that the Pilgrims had.

5. How Many Days to America
This story is about all immigrants, the difficulties they often face in their journey to America, and the thankfulness they have for the opportunity to move to a free country.

For Toddlers and Preschoolers
Of course I need to include some cute Thanksgiving picture books for the little ones!

6.Thankful Together
I especially like this one because it specifically thanks God. Many books only say “I'm thankful for ___,” but this one specifically says, “Thank you, God, for ____.”

7. Squirrel Says Thank You
This one also specifically thanks God for the blessings we have, like trees, snowflakes, and family.

Counting our Blessings
Books that will cultivate an atmosphere of gratitude in your home.

8. Thanks for Thanksgiving
Although the words are very simple, this book includes captivating, detailed artwork on each page.

9. Thankful
Another simplistic book with reminders of all the many things for which we can be thankful.

10. The Memory Cupboard
A sentimental book that reminds children that it's people and memories that are important, not things.

11. Thank you, God
This book is so beautiful and so much fun! Each page has an envelope or two containing a card of thankfulness written to God for something specific. My children really enjoy opening each envelope to find out what's written on the card inside.

Just for Fun

Reading about Thanksgiving for kids doesn't always need to be for the sake of learning. I hope your children enjoy reading just for the love of it!

12. An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving
How can you go wrong with a classic story by Lousia May Alcott?

How to purchase these Thanksgiving books for kids

Option 1: Purchase from Amazon:
You can click on any individual book above, or visit this link to see them all in one place on Amazon.

Option 2: Purchase from Book Outlet:
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