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Loving the Little People (Imperfect Homemaking Challenge)

The little people.

Oh, how I love mine!


kids collage


But they require so much work, don't they?

I often become so consumed with all the things I need to do for them — feeding little bellies, changing little diapers, homeschooling, washing clothes — that I don't find make the time to just enjoy playing with them.

I've actually scheduled outside time into our daily schedule, and it's sort of a blessing in disguise that we live on a main road with no fence where the kids absolutely cannot go outside by themselves.  There would be many times it would be nice to send them outside to play while I catch up on laundry, but instead I'm forced to go out with them.  And I get to play with my kids!  I get to be free from the distractions of housework and just focus on kicking a soccer ball, pushing little bodies on the swingset, and listening to their gleeful laugh when they find a caterpillar (or in the case of my oldest, trying to scare mom with it!)

Sure, I've seen lots of clever ideas for family playtime, blog posts on “How to be a fun mom”, and the like, but we imperfect homemakers sometimes do crazy things like searching for the perfect idea and never actually do anything!   Instead of collecting ideas, just do something!  Maybe you don't end up building a cardboard tunnel for your kids today, but you can get on the floor and join in while your daughter plays tea party with her dolls or race those matchbox cars across the floor with your son.

Your kids don't care if you come up with clever ideas...imperfecthomemaker.com

Today's Challenge: Play with your kids!  Just do something!  They won't care that it's not the most clever idea in the world; they just want you to spend time with them!


Instagram challenge: Post a picture of what you did to spend time with your kids today.  Use the hashtag #imperfecthomemaker to encourage other members of this community!  (Follow me here.)


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