Time Management 101 (Imperfect Homemaking Series)

Time Management 101 (31 Days of Imperfect Homemaking)

31 Days of Imperfect Homemaking - a series on imperfecthomemaker.com


If you missed the introduction as to what this is all about, you can read the whole thing here.

In a nutshell, this is a series for women who are easily overwhelmed (me!)  We don't have time to do things perfectly, so we don't do them at all.

During this series I'll be giving you one simple task to complete each day, and we are going to do it together!  Anything we do, no matter how imperfectly, will bless our family more than doing nothing at all!


Are you ready for the first challenge?


The first challenge is the hardest.  I promise.  If you can do this, the rest of the challenges will be a piece of cake.

But it's also the most important.

We are going to get our act together regarding time management.

Rule Your Time; Don't Let it Rule You! | Imperfect Homemaking Series at imperfecthomemaker.com

Part of the reason you're feeling overwhelmed is because you're trying to cram too many things into your day, or you're wasting time (and possibly don't even realize it), or both.

If you're tired of having a messy house, feeling like a failure as a wife and mom, and discouraged that you're not finding time to cook healthy meals, you need to manage your time.

Not too long ago, I got up and looked at the dark circles under my eyes in the mirror and said to myself, “I feel like I'm living paycheck-to-paycheck when it comes to my time.”  In other words, I felt stretched too thin and it was stressing me out.

The word “paycheck” struck a chord in the recesses of memory, and around came the word “budget” to the front of my mind.  “Budget.  Yes…A time budget.  I need to tell my time where to go instead of letting time be my master.”  A few more seconds and the lightbulb stopped flickering and came on in full force.

Tell Your Time!  That's right!”

The Time Management System that Changed My Life!

You see, Tell Your Time is an eBook that changed my life.  At least it did a while back.  I had been praying for some solution to the very problem I just described.  The very next day this eBook went on sale, and the minute I opened it, I knew it was the answer to my prayer.  In a couple short hours, I had been guided clearly into determining my priorities, what things I needed to cut out of my life altogether, and where to fit it all into my day.  It changed my life — until my schedule and priorities shifted a little.  Then life got out of whack again.

Thankfully, all it took to get back on track was another couple hours, and boom!  I had a smoothly running schedule again.


I've put this challenge first because just by completing this, you will reduce a huge amount of your overwhelm right away.  You will see that everything you need to do can fit into your day!

I promise the other challenges will not take this long, but you cannot afford to skip this one.


Today's challenge: Purchase Tell Your Time and work your way through it.  (Yes, that is a referral link, and no, I am not just trying to make money off this post.)  In fact, I feel that this assignment is so important, that I'm going to give you a link that is not an affiliate link — right here.  If you can't get your act together and just can't seem to fit everything into your day, do not skip this assignment.  It's only $2.99, and worth every single penny.  Put the kids to bed early and work your way through the exercises in the book – it won't take you more than a couple hours.  In the morning you will feel the stress lifted off your shoulders as you know exactly where you're going and how you're going to get there!


Before  you go, let me leave you with this thought: “If not now, when?”  If you're not going to get your act together right now, when will you do it?  Stop saying “I don't have time” and just do it!

Now go get busy with your challenge!

If Not Now, When? | What a great reminder to stop procrastinating! | From imperfecthomemaker.com

Today's Instagram challenge: Post a picture of your daily schedule!  Use the hashtag #imperfecthomemaker to encourage other members of this community!  (Follow me here.)

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