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Creamy Berry Smoothie Recipe

I am not a big breakfast eater. I know it’s important to eat a good breakfast, but I’m just not really an eggs and bacon kind of girl.

I went browsing around on my Build a Menu account for some easy but nutritious ideas that I could make for myself and my kids, and this is what I found:


Creamy Berry Smoothie Recipe - no sweetener needed!

The recipe was actually a Trim Healthy Mama recipe, but I modified it some and ended up with what I call a Creamy Berry Smoothie. I have no idea if it would still be THM approved, if you do THM, I’m sure you’ll know right away if it is, and if not you can modify it back. :)

Here’s what I used: (definitely approximations because I was really just trying to fill up the blender so there was enough for me and all the kids)

1 cup plain yogurt
1 cup milk
1 cup strawberries
1/2 cup blueberries
3 scoops protein powder
1/4 cup coconut oil


This made a ton! I ended up filling up the kids’ popsicle molds with the leftovers.

It turned out so good! I’ll definitely be building smoothies into our weekly menus a lot more often – we get our protein, our fat, and part of our daily produce all without cooking or cleaning up a bunch of dishes.

If you want more amazing recipes to build into your week, you really must try out Build a Menu.

(And shh…I’ve got the word the sale they are having right now is the lowest price they ever offerr. I know a lot of you already love their service, but they’ve made some changes and it’s even better!)

Now go make that smoothie! It’s amazing!


Free eBook: 470 Crock Pot Recipes!

Crock Pot Recipes


I was given this collection of 470 crock pot recipes several years ago with complete permission to share.  I let it sit on my computer for the longest time until I finally decided that it wasn’t doing any good sitting in a folder.  So I packaged it up all nice and neat to share with you!

Note: I emphasize “real food” eating around here, and many of these recipes contain packaged ingredients that I wouldn’t recommend.  However, so many of those things are easy to replace with something else.

For example: I use yogurt in place of cream of ___ soup or mayo.; create my own seasoning mixes instead of using packets, use homemade bread crumbs, etc.  For baking, here is a list of healthy baking substitutions that I put together a while back.


To get your eBook, simply enter your email in the form below and the download link will arrive in your inbox shortly.  (Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see it right away.)







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