The No-Coupon Way To Save Big On Your Grocery Bill

The No-Coupon Way to Save Big on Your Grocery Bill

If you’ve been a long-time reader, or if you’ve done a bit of poking around on my site, you may know that I used to be quite the coupon clipper.  When we cut out most processed foods (we thought we weren’t eating processed foods, but we were wrong!  If it’s in a box, bag, or can on the grocery store shelf, it’s processed food.) we found that real, whole foods were costing us much more than I had been paying for all the coupon deals. The thing is, healthy food costs more when you’ve been used to getting stuff for pennies or even free with coupons.  But it’s worth it! However, as a penny-pincher, I simply can’t stand spending more on anything than is absolutely necessary, so I’ve spent much time trying to find the best prices on things. I was so excited when I saw Shannon’s new eCourse, Grocery Savings Made Simple.


Grocery Savings Made Simple

Shannon also feeds her family real, whole foods, so I knew this course was not going to be based on coupon-clipping and circular comparison.  In fact the course description says the following:


In this 4-week eCourse, you’ll learn how to cut your grocery budget, yet…

  • Never clip a coupon
  • Never look at store circulars or pay attention to sales
  • Save money by cooking-from-scratch with minimal extra kitchen time
  • Pay less for the healthy foods your family enjoys (no unhealthy or beans-only diets)

In each lesson, you’ll learn how to get the maximum savings with minimum effort because you’re busy and you have other things you’d rather be doing than worrying about your grocery budget.

Maximum savings with minimum effort is exactly what every homemaker wants! The course is only $37, and when you consider the fact that Shannon saved over $2000 on her grocery bill last year with this system, your $37 will pay for itself very quickly!




If you’re in need of some personalized help and hand-holding with navigating through the waters of this healthy eating stuff without going broke, I recommend you give her course a try.  I think you will be pleased!


I Will Never Forget! (Or Will I?)

Guest post by Imperfect Homemaker contributor Ellen.

I will never forget! (Or will I?) | Imperfect Homemaker


Let us Never Forget!
We see this phrase over and over when September 11th comes around.

Today, on September 11th, I have been praying for the Lord to protect our country and to restrain wickedness. I am praying for God’s continued mercy on us. Oh how merciful He is! As I remember His mercy toward me over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over … again, I stand amazed! It is no wonder that the Psalmist in Chapter 136 repeats this in every verse:
· V1-3 O Give Thanks for His mercy endures forever
· V4-9 God is The Almighty, The All Powerful, The One and Only God, The Deliverer for His mercy endures forever
· V23-25 God remembers us, is mindful of us, redeems us, feeds us, for His mercy endures forever
· V26 He is the God of Heaven – Let us thank Him, for His mercy endures forever
Yes, I will never forget, but will my grandchildren? They really don’t have a clue unless I rehearse these events in their ears. I want them to know all about America and that it was founded on Christian principles. I want them to know God’s multiple blessings on us, and now where our wickedness has brought us. But they won’t know it, if I don’t keep repeating it. They won’t love God if I don’t keep repeating His Word, His love, His redemption, His worthiness, and then living it before them. It is no wonder that God told Israel to teach these things diligently to their children and to beware lest they forget (Deut. 6). And how easily they did forget (and how easily I forget!)

America has forgotten! Praise the Lord that God is still merciful, but for how long? True, I will never forget 9/11 in one sense. I remember it well, where I was, the time of day, watching the horrific event unfold before my very eyes on the television! But if I don’t remind myself of God’s mercy and deliverance over and over, then in one sense I actually do forget.

I forget:

    • Who is ultimately in control
    • Who has given us our freedoms all along
    • Who can save our children and grandchildren and our nation


Often from day to day I go right on living in my own state of worldliness.

May God have mercy on us another day!
· May we remember that He is the God of all gods who delivers us from our enemies.
· May we remember that great USA, that HE made for us and the freedoms that HE gave us.
· May we use those freedoms to proclaim Him, and the name of His Son Jesus to a lost and dying World for those freedoms are quickly being snatched from us.
· May we teach His commandments diligently to our children and grandchildren so that when they ask us “What does all this mean?” we can say, “We were bondmen and the Lord gave our country freedom, but our wickedness is driving us back into bondage. We are bondmen to sin, but the Lord has made a way of redemption through the Lord Jesus Christ and His shed blood on the cross.”

Deuteronomy 6:25 And it shall be our righteousness, if we observe to do all these commandments before the LORD our God, as he hath commanded us.


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