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Relishing the Ordinary (Imperfect Homemaking Challenge)

It was an ordinary evening.  Nothing special was going on.  The kids were running around the back yard just being themselves.

The baby was playing with a ball.

Relishing the Ordinary

E. was playing on the swingset with his green rainboots that he wears all day, every day.

Relishing the Ordinary

K. was playing with her babies and snacking on a carrot stick.

Relishing the Ordinary

And J. was practicing his soccer skills,

Relishing the Ordinary


observing a caterpillar,

Relishing the Ordinary


and taking his energy out on a tree with a stick, seemingly all at the same time.

Relishing the Ordinary


I stopped to take it all in, and I realized I was having the time of my life!

It wasn’t a special holiday.  Everything that was going on was very ordinary, but I was enjoying myself immensely!

I could have this much joy every day if I would only choose to.

I don’t need to wait for something special to happen to enjoy  life.  I can choose to enjoy every moment.

Relishing the Ordinary

When I’m cooking an “ordinary” supper, I can stop and thank the Lord that I have food to prepare for my family and a stove on which to prepare it.

When I’m doing an “ordinary” dishwasher unloading, I can be thankful I have the luxury of owning a dishwasher.

When I’m changing an “ordinary” diaper I can be thankful for these little ones God has entrusted to me.

If I stop and think about the blessings God has given me, the ordinary things seem so much more special.

Just since that evening a few days ago, I have tried to stop and think throughout the day about God’s blessings and to make a conscious choice to enjoy what He has given me – not just on the special days.

What will you enjoy today, my friend?  The smell of dinner cooking on the stove?  The sound of good music on the radio?  The love of your family on this ordinary day?  The pretty things God has given you to decorate your home?

Stop.  Look.  Listen.  Enjoy.

Everything we have is a gift from God.  He loves us, and has given us “richly all things to enjoy” (1 Timothy 6:17).

So let’s enjoy what He’s given.


Today’s Challenge: Take some time to observe what’s going on around you and just enjoy your life!



Sometimes we get so busy trying to get everything done that life just passes us by without our even noticing.


Instagram Challenge: Snap a picture of an ordinary moment that you enjoyed today.  Use the hashtag #imperfecthomemaker to encourage other members of this community.  (Follow me here.)


If you’re just joining the 31 Days of Imperfect Homemaking series, you can see all the posts here.


31 Days of Imperfect Homemaking | A Series for Christian Homemakers

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Try Something New (Imperfect Homemaking Challenge)

We all do it — we clip recipes from magazines or pin them on Pinterest and then let them just sit there collecting dust.

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Today’s Challenge: Make a new recipe.

If you don’t have the ingredients on hand, add them to your shopping list right now so you don’t forget.

Instagram challenge: Post a picture of something new that you made or of the recipe you’re planning to try once you buy the ingredients.  Use the hashtag #imperfecthomemaker to encourage other members of this community!  (Follow me here.)


If you’re just joining the 31 Days of Imperfect Homemaking series, you can see all the posts here.


31 Days of Imperfect Homemaking | A Series for Christian Homemakers

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