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Last Minute Gift Idea for Mom or Grandma

Need a last minute gift for mom or grandma?  Here is one that she will love!


Personalize, print, and frame!  So easy, but so meaningful!


Count your Blessings printable - awesome quick and easy gift idea for mom or grandma


To make your own, just right-click and save the image below.  Then use a photo editing program to insert the names of your family members.  (Picmonkey is free if you don’t have your own program.)


Count your blessings printable - awesome last minute gift idea for mom or grandma!


Here’s How to Get a Free Healthy Living Bundle

Free Healthy Living Bundle


There was a Healthy Living Bundle available back in the fall that had over $1000 worth of resources at a huge discount. I buy every single one of these bundles because they’re just really, really great. (This one includes some amazing eBooks, an essential oils eCourse worth $100, and some free products like a glass straw, beeswax lotion and lip balm, and herbal formulas from Trilight Health — it’s so much fun!)

I just found out that they’re bringing the Healthy Living Bundle back for the New Year to help you reach all those goals you’re going to set. And here’s the best part — you can get your bundle free with just a teensy bit of work!

Yup. All that stuff I mentioned (and a lot more) can be yours completely free.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Enter your info here to receive a free 4 day challenge.
2. As soon as you enter your info, you’ll receive a link that you can share with your friends.
3. Share the link and if 10 of them sign up for their free 4 day challenge, you get a free bundle worth over $1000. How hard is it to get somebody to sign up for something free?! (Hint: not hard. Especially if you tell them the same thing I’m telling you — that they can refer 10 of their friends and get themselves a free bundle.)

Lots of people took advantage of this last time around, and got their free bundles.

So go!  And enjoy!


Homeschool Adventure Giveaway

We’re wrapping up the final day of the 12 Days of Homeschool Giveaways with a bang! Our sponsor today, Homeschool Adventure – Engaging Resources to help your family cultivate and defend a biblical worldview, is giving away a HUGE prize pack containing one of each of the following resources. DO YOU NEED to teach advanced […]

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Marriage Advice to the Woman in a Good Marriage

I’ve not written a whole lot about marriage here.  Most — not all, but most — of my posts are borne out of whatever I’m personally reflecting on at the moment.  A lot of that has to do with the struggles of motherhood. That is something that is immensely more difficult than I ever imagined! […]

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Win 2 Levels of Phonics from Pearson Homeschool!

Here we are on Day 11 already! We may be winding down, but we still have a few awesome giveaways left, including this one from Pearson Homeschool! Phonics Homeschoolers Trust MCP Phonics Choose the phonics program homeschoolers have trusted for over 50 years. MCP Phonics develops alphabetic and phonemic awareness, the language skills young learners […]

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No Wonder Moms Are So Tired!

Does this look familiar? Click to play the video below.

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