My journey from overwhelmed to rested | @mbream

How I Began My Journey from Overwhelmed to Rested

  I’m not sure of the exact moment I began feel the weight of being overwhelmed lifting – it has been such a gradual process – but I know there are some very definitive milestones that have made a noticeable difference in my emotional state. The first was when I began to meditate frequently on […]

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Our Multi-Grade Homeschool Health Curriculum

I posted our multi-grade homeschool curriculum choices a couple months ago. I wanted to combine all of my children for as many subjects as possible so that I could streamline our homeschooling time. At the time, one subject I did not have was health and wellness.  When I was asked to do a sponsored review […]

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An Invitation to Rest

  October is a big month in the blog world.  Many bloggers participate in a 31 day writing challenge where they will blog for 31 days straight about one topic. I’ve done it before and it’s quite profitable from a blogging perspective – you get a lot of content added to your blog, you can […]

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Biblical encouragement on how we use our tongues from | @mbream

Oh Be Careful Little Mouth What You (Don’t) Say

My college friends and I all sat in the van outside of the restaurant, chowing down on our fast food. “I’ll be right back,” the leader of our group said as he jumped out of the van and strode back inside the restaurant. When he returned with a big smile on his face he told […]

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The First Step Every Homeschooling Family Must Take | @mbream

The First Step Every Homeschooling Family Must Take

It is no secret that our government is becoming less and less friendly toward people who think for themselves. Anyone who does not blindly follow their stance on important issues is perceived as rebellious and troublesome. Christian businesses are fined for standing by their religious beliefs.  Public officials are being forced to either violate their […]

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To the policeman who endangered my life - interesting post about policemen from @mbream

To the Policeman Who Endangered My Life

  Important note: Please read this post in its entirety before reacting.  The background must be laid and that cannot happen without the opening paragraphs, but the message I hope to convey lies at the end.   Dear Mr. Policeman, I began writing this to let you know how concerned I was that you  put […]

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