Time Management for the Busy Homemaker

​ “I can’t get it all done!”   “There’s too much to do in too little time!”   “I feel overwhelmed!”   Do you ever feel that way? Then you will definitely want to get in on this brand new course: Time Management for the Busy Homemaker     Since we don’t want to further […]

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The Most Important Clutter To Remove From Your Life

Clutter. It steals so much from us. The more things we have, the more time it takes to maintain them. The more things we have to maintain and clean up, the less time we have for truly important things – our relationships with God and with others. Over the past couple months we’ve been laser-focused […]

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Chronic illness | New Year Goals

A New Year’s Word for My Worn Out Body

I have spent the past couple weeks mulling over the goals I’d like to reach this year.  And honestly it’s been overwhelming just to try to plan what I’d like to accomplish, much less to try to actually accomplish it. You see, I have some genetic mutations that often throw a kink in my day-to-day […]

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Christian parenting series | Christian motherhood

The Thing Most Parents Forget About Their Kids

“How many times do I have to remind you to take out the trash?” My frustration mounts as I turn and notice his bare feet. “And why do you not have something on your feet? You know you’re not supposed to go barefoot in the winter.”  As I spin around and walk out of the […]

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Free menu planning printables

Free Menu Planning Printables

Do you need help staying on top of menu planning?  I’ve created a set of free menu planning lists and shopping lists for you!  Pretty things always make these tasks more fun!   To receive the printables, just enter your information in the form below.  You’ll get immediate access to the printables, and you’ll also be […]

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The Crazy Easy Way I Plan My Menus With Trello

Have you all ever used Trello?  It’s an app that can be used on your desktop, phone, or tablet, and I use it to organize pretty much everything! (It’s also free!)  I can share boards with my husband, and they will sync to his phone or sync to the desktop.  So, for example since I […]

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Biblical Homemaking Encouragement: