How I Get My Kids to Stay Quiet During Afternoon Quiet Time

How I Get My Kids to Actually Stay Quiet During Afternoon Quiet Time {Plus a Special Offer for my Readers!}

I am unashamedly an introvert mom. That means I start getting a bit jittery in the afternoons.  I have to have some quiet time without the constant “kid noise” in the background or I struggle to be sweet.  I need some time to recharge my batteries so I can head into the evening calm and […]

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How I found hope for the extreme back pain I experienced during pregnancy. Comprehensive rehab for diastis recti, core training, preparation for labor and delivery, and postpartum recovery

Debilitating Back Pain During Pregnancy (How I Found Hope)

    I made my way out to my vehicle in the chiropractor parking lot as tears of frustration brimmed at the corners of my eyes. I had just dropped a chunk of money on yet another adjustment and I felt zero relief from the pain in my lower back. “You need to get in […]

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Dear Mom who got nothing done today | Christian motherhood encouragement

Dear Mom Who Got Nothing Done Today

Hey mama, You had big plans for what you hoped to accomplish today, didn’t you? Maybe you carefully planned the agenda and got up a little early. You were so optimistic about the day. But the other people in your family weren’t really interested in your agenda and your plans were thwarted at every turn. […]

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You Are Not "Just" a Mom! | Christian Motherhood

You Are Not “Just” a Mom!

I’ve been studying women of the Bible in my personal devotions every morning – basically just going through an alphabetical list of every woman’s name and then studying what the Bible says about that person. Over a period of several days I started to notice a trend. Many of the women mentioned in the Bible […]

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filling little minds with scripture

Filling Little Minds with Scripture: A Call for Diligence

We were out running errands today – myself and all of the kids. I was trying think of a way to keep them occupied in a productive way as we drove, so I said, “Let’s play a game. We’ll go youngest to oldest. Each person has to say a verse that they’ve memorized. When everyone […]

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Family, Mother, Child.

The Biggest Gap in My Parenting (And How I’m Closing It)

“You need to be consistent.” I’ve heard and read that phrase and similar ones many times regarding parenting. And it’s true, but perhaps parents need a little more elaboration on that phrase. Maybe you understood completely what that advice meant, but I was missing a little piece of the puzzle myself. Thankfully as I have sought […]

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