What’s This Blog All About, Anyway?

I am a woman.  I am a homemaker.

I like girly things and homey things and crafts and recipes and things for my kids.

I like to blog about those things because I know many of you like those things too.

But those things do not completely define me.  In fact, my life would be meaningless without one vital element.


Jesus Christ.


He is everything to me, and without him everything else I do would be worthless.


As Peter and John said in the book of Acts, I “cannot but speak the things which [I] have seen and heard”. I’ve seen his provision for and protection of my family. I’ve experienced his comfort and peace in the midst of trials.  I’ve been given wisdom when I didn’t know the right answers.  And most of all I’ve been given the privilege to have fellowship with the creator of the universe and have the assurance of spending eternity in heaven with him.

How can I keep all that to myself when it is freely offered to all?!


Jesus is everything to me!

So while the homemaking tips, recipes, and crafts will continue, the overarching reason for it all is to point people to Jesus Christ.  If you don’t know him, you can!  The creator of the universe wants to have a personal relationship with you!  Read How to Get to Heaven here.  If you already know the Lord Jesus as your Savior, it is my desire to point you to him through everything that I say.  My goal is to encourage you to be the best homemaker you can – not so that you can feel awesome – but so that you can bring glory to the only One who matters.




Apparoo App of the Week – Tic Toc Time

This post is sponsored by Apparoo.


Apparoo logo 4c

I’ve partnered with Apparoo to highlight a new app each week. These apps will be free or highly discounted during the weeks I post them, so grab them while you can!


From a kid’s perspective, time is a bizarre concept: there are 60 seconds and 60 minutes, but 12 hours… unless there are 24! And phrases like ‘a quarter til’ and ‘half past’ that we take for granted just seem to make their brains melt. Tic Toc Time takes a holistic approach to teaching time; a family of beavers leads a progression of fun games that first explain using a compass and the movement of the sun and shadows before logically arriving at both digital and analog time-telling. A good time is guaranteed for all! Download it here now.

Tic Toc iPhone

Download Tic Toc Time here!


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Apparoo App of the Week – Blinkbuggy

This post is sponsored by Apparoo. I’ve partnered with Apparoo to highlight a new app each week.  These apps will be free or highly discounted during the weeks I post them, so grab them while you can!   How do we always find time to post super-adorable kid pictures on Facebook, but somehow never get that long-planned […]

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