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15 Apple Crafts for Preschoolers

It's getting to be fall time, so I thought it would be fun to round up some apple crafts for preschoolers!


apple crafts for preschoolers | from @mbream

  1. This Yarn Apple Craft looks super-simple!  Yarn, glue, and glitter are the only supplies you need!
  2. This Apple Craft shows kids what the inside of an apple looks like.  It's so cute!
  3. These Apple Suncatchers will probably require a decent amount of help, but the end result looks fabulous!
  4. Who can resist some Apple Stamping?
  5. This Yarn Paper Plate Apple Craft is another super simple craft with adorable results!
  6. Here's another paper plate apple craft – this one incorporates a handprint.
  7. The science behind these Apple Volcanoes might be a little advanced for a preschooler, but the fun will not!
  8. Preschoolers can practice their find motor skills as they String a Wormy Apple!
  9. Wow!  I am in love with the finished product of this Apple Tree craft!
  10. If you can come up with some baked cotton balls, your preschoolers will have a blast with this Apple Picking activity!
  11. This Apple Wreath is such a creative way to use the prints from apple stamping.
  12. Preschoolers will need lots of supervision with this Recycled Apple Craft, but they'll be mesmerized by the finished product!
  13. No child is going to turn down the opportunity to use this Apple Pie Play Dough!
  14. I love this Apple Yarn Garland!
  15. These Stuffed Apples are adaptable to many different skill levels.


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