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Strawberry Overnight Oatmeal

I don't know about you, but breakfast is one of the hardest meals to prepare at our house.  It seems like by the time I get everything made and cleaned up it's almost time for lunch.  Preparing this strawberry overnight oatmeal the night before will mean you have breakfast ready to go in the morning!  And the fresh, spring-time taste will be sure to delight your family!Strawberry Overnight Oatmeal - so good and so easy to make!



1/2 C greek yogurt
½ C Old fashioned Oats
1/4 C Almond Milk (or other milk)
¼ tsp cinnamon (optional)
Fresh strawberries for topping



Empty the yogurt into a jar or Tupperware that has a lid on it.
Add almond milk and stir.
Then stir in oats a little at a time.
Sprinkle cinnamon and stir again.
Cover jar or Tupperware with lid and give it a shake.
Refrigerate overnight.
Top with fresh strawberries and enjoy!


Strawberry Overnight Oatmeal

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