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Learning Through Play: Ice Activity for Kids

Ice play activity for kids - teaches them about the melting point of ice, plus it's just plain fun!


It's been cold, and we're all stuck inside feeling a little bored.  I decided to liven things up a bit by planning a fun ice activity for the kids.

Shh…don't tell them we were learning too!


I got a foil pan for each of them and had them gather up small toys from around the house.  We filled each pan with water enough to submerge the items.

Ice Activity for Kids


We had to wait until the next day before the pans of water were fully frozen.

When we pulled the pans out of the freezer, I told the kids they needed to figure out the best way to get their toys out of the ice.

ice activity for kids

“Oh, I know!  We'll pry them out with a butter knife!”

Ice Activity for Kids

But they soon discovered that wasn't very effective.

I began to try to help them think about what was necessary for the toys to be freed from the ice.

“Let's try putting water on it!”  One said.  They were getting somewhere, but they still weren't understanding that ice is hard because it is past the freezing point and to get it turned back to liquid they need to bring the temperature above freezing.

“Cold or warm?”  I asked?

“Let's try cold!” they said.

I added a little cold water to each of their pans.  The ice began to crack.

Ice Activity for Kids

But it still did not help them pry their toys loose.

Ice Activity for Kids

“Let's try hot water!”


The hot water melted the ice enough for them to dig out some of the items with effort, but the items still had hunks of ice stuck to them.

ice activity for kids

I made the suggestion to run the individual item under the hot water and see what happens.

They were amazed to watch the ice melt away.

ice activity car

Two of the kids immediately decided to put their entire pan under the hot water.

ice acti vity for kids

One child was still having too much fun excavating…

Ice Activity for Kids

The kids had such a good time playing in the ice…I mean, learning about the freezing point and melting point of ice!


They kept telling me that I was the best mommy ever and that this was the “funnest” day they've ever had!

We will be doing more fun activities, kiddos.

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