The Way to a Man's Heart (Imperfect Homemaking Challenge) (Plus a Giveaway from Mighty Nest!) | Imperfect Homemaker

The Way to a Man’s Heart (Imperfect Homemaking Challenge) (Plus a Giveaway from Mighty Nest!)

“The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.”

We've all heard that phrase, and I have found it to be true.

Now, I'm not saying that the only reason my husband fell in love with me is because I could cook.  (Just for the record, I doubt I would be married today if that was what it took!)

But I have found that men love to eat, and my husband is no exception.

He has been so patient and supportive on this healthy living journey.  But when he gets away from home and all my crazy health food, he will often grab a soda or candy bar from the snack machine at work.

He knows it bad for him, but in his words, “I'm all for health food, but when you're hungry, you're hungry!”

Bless his heart.  I'd rather go without than eat junk food, but men aren't that way.  They'd rather eat junk food than no food at all.

And that's why we wives need to make sure there is always something available for them to eat.  Something homemade and healthy.

A tangible way to show love to your husband | Imperfect Homemaker

Today's challenge: Make something yummy for your husband to eat anytime he's hungry.


Okay, okay.  That's probably a tall order.  If you kept enough on hand for anytime he's hungry, you'd be cooking and baking round the clock.  But you can make his favorite snack or treat and multiply it times four.  Give him one batch and freeze the rest.  You can use your back-up reserves anytime he's rummaging through the house and you haven't had time to make something fresh.  (Just don't let him know you have anything in the freezer or it will be gone when you go to pull it out.  Men do crazy stuff like get up in the middle of the night to eat while you're sleeping — at least my man does.)

Mighty Nest giveaway

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Instagram Challenge: Post a picture of something you made for your husband!  Use the hashtag #imperfecthomemaker to encourage other members of this community!  (Follow me here.)


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