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What it Means to Be a Yes Mom

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Being a “yes mom” doesn't mean letting your kids do whatever they want.  They need to understand that life doesn't revolve around them.  You don't need to feel guilty for not catering to your child's every whim.  That doesn't create happy children; that creates spoiled children.

But at the same time your children need to know that they are important to you — more important than what you want to get done in a day.  Sometimes we say no to our children just because it's more convenient to us.  Help me cook dinner?  No way.  I'll be done a whole lot faster if you just let me do it.  Read a book to you?  Not right now; I've got work to do.

Being a “yes mom” doesn't have to be complicated.

It's not about doing fancy crafts you found on Pinterest (though if you're up to it that's totally awesome.)

It's not about spending lots of money on whatever the latest gadget is that they want.

It's about letting them know by your actions that they are important.


Actions like going outside with them even when you'd rather get some housework done.

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Like playing a goofy game they made up.  And then playing it again.  And again. And genuinely having fun, not because you really want to play the game but because you get to spend time with your kids.

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Actions like letting your 6-year-old plant and water his “plant” even though he's probably going to need a bath.

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And then letting him use the camera because he really wants to take a picture of his hard work.

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It's about letting the kids sit up on the stool and watch me make dinner even though it drives me nuts to have people all up in my space while I'm trying to work.

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Do you truly believe that your kids are important?  That they are human beings who just happen to live in tiny bodies right now?

How can you show them that they are important?

I'd love for you to use the hashtag #YesMomDay to share your “yes mom” moments on social media!

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