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How to Make a Stainless Steel Pan Non-Stick

I haven't fully done the research myself, but I've always been of the understanding that non-stick pans contain harmful chemicals that emit toxic fumes when you cook and that can leach into your food.

For that reason, I try to avoid cooking with non-stick pans.  But it can definitely be a pain to scrape  eggs or other meals off a stainless steel pan.

I set out to find out how to make a stainless steel pan non-stick, and I can't believe it was so easy!

How to Make Stainless Steel Non-Stick

1. Heat your pan over medium-high heat for 2-3 minutes.

2. Add a glob of coconut oil and heat until it smokes.  Make sure to spread it around the entire surface of the pan.

How to Make Stainless Steel Non-stick

3. Make sure you can see your reflection in the pan.  (You can see my hand taking the picture in the right hand side of the picture below.)

How to Make Stainless Steel Non-stick

4. Allow the pan to cool completely, then wipe out the coconut oil residue with a paper towel.

5. You can now cook on your pan without using any butter or oil!

The picture below shows the pan after I cooked eggs in it without using any butter or oil.  All that is left in the pan are loose crumbs.  (There was a tiny bit stuck to the pan that scraped right off with the spatula.  That is what the crumbs are from.)

How to Make Stainless Steel Non-stick

Don't heat your pan too hot or it is possible that your eggs will still stick somewhat.  I cooked mine on medium-high on an electric stove.

I don't know how long the pan will remain non-stick — I plan to update the post after a while and let you know how it's holding up.  But even if it has to be re-treated every once in a while it wouldn't be a big deal.


Have you ever turned your stainless steel pans into non-stick pans?  How did it hold up for you?


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