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Results of My Anti-Procrastination Year

Many of you have been following this blog long enough to know that 2012 was my year of Anti-Procastination.

It originally started out just to be something that would help me get little annoying things done around that house that always seemed to get put off.

And it did.

But it turned into so much more than that.

I learned  a lot about myself.

I realized just how short this life is, and that the time to be busy about the Lord's work is now.  I don't want to hang my head in shame when I meet the Lord and have to apologize for all the time I wasted.

One very huge life-goal that my husband and I saw come to fruition was the production of our first CD.

We realized that we could keep saying forever, “We really need to do that,” but that it would never actually happen unless we…you know…did it.

We knew it would be an expensive and time-consuming project, but it was a good thing we didn't know just how expensive and time-consuming it would be, or we might have continued to make excuses for putting it off.

Right away, I took the first step and booked an appointment with the recording studio so that there would be no backing out or changing our minds.

Then the real work began.  I'll spare you all the details, but I will say this – if you want to do anything for God's glory, don't try to keep it a secret like we did.  Both my husband's parents and mine have always bugged us to record a CD, and we thought it would be special if we could keep it a secret and give it to them as a Christmas gift.  The problem was that as soon as we embarked on this project, the devil did everything he could to stop us.  From scratchy voices the week of recording, to a broken down van when it was time for us to make the 1 hour trip to the studio, to lots of red tape with copyright permissions, there were a lot of obstacles to overcome.  I wished people knew about our project so they cold help us pray about it!

Anyway, I'm so thankful it's finally done now!

Conservative Christian Music

We had only one goal in mind when we recorded this CD – to use our talents to bring glory to God.  100% of the proceeds will go directly toward expenses for our next recording.

We'd love for you to  purchase our CD for yourself, give it away as a gift, and help us spread the word about another resource for Christ-honoring music.

We pray it will be a blessing to you!



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