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Anti-Procrastination: Reaching Out

I am always trying to think of unique ways to reach out to our neighbors.  We never seem to be outside at the same time, which means that if we're going to talk to them and befriend them, it has to be a purposeful effort.

I have thought many times about baking something and taking it over to them, but I was afraid they might not want to eat it.  (You know how it is – you don't particularly want to eat something that came from a kitchen you've never seen either.  You don't know how clean it is in there, or whether the person licked the spoon and then kept stirring with it.)

I couldn't think of any other way to get over there and let them know that I cared about them, though.  I finally thought, “Who cares if they don't eat it?  I have to do something to show them I care about them and ultimately to show them the love of Christ.”


So I headed to the kitchen and baked up some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  The kids and I wrapped them up and walked to both of the neighbor's houses to hand deliver them.

One neighbor told me that his wife doesn't like pumpkin.  The other neighbor told me that everybody had gone to the beach for the week and might not get back in time to eat them before they went bad.

But you know what?  That really didn't bother me.  I wasn't worried about the muffins.  I just wanted them to know I care about them.

What can you do to reach others with the love of Christ?  This is one thing in which I believe we all procrastinate.  The devil wants to make sure we will always have some kind of excuse.

Stop procrastinating.  Get to baking, write a note, or just plain get over to your neighbor's house and say “Is there anything you need?  I'll be happy to help you with something or let you borrow something you need.”

Jesus is coming soon, and I don't want to be ashamed when He asks me why my neighbors never knew about Him.

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