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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Kids Can Make

If you are my mother, I'm sorry, but you have to stop reading now unless you're reading this after Mother's Day.

For the rest of you, scroll down to see what my kids made their Grandmothers for Mother's Day!

These are handprint flowers that were so easy to make, but the kids had a blast!  They got to use paint, markers, scissors, and glue!  It doesn't get much better than that for a kid!


First I had them paint a popsicle stick with green paint.  I love the little tongue sticking out!

He's really starting to get coordinated.

Then I traced their hands on construction paper, cut them out, and had them decorate them with markers.

I decided to lay down newspaper after the first couple minutes.  I thought these were washable markers, but apparently they weren't.  Thankfully a Magic Eraser took the stains off the table.  The kids' hands still don't look too pretty, though!

When they were finished, we glued the hands to the popsicle sticks, then cut out some leaves and glued those on too.  I hot glued magnets to the back and we were done.

I love the green lips!

We also printed off these questionnaires from The Crafting Chicks.  I asked the kids the questions and they told me their answers.  I had so much fun with this, and I know their grandmothers will love it.  The answers were hilarious! They will absolutely love their ages and weights!  Oh, and I found out that grandmothers secretly love to eat cupcakes!

Have you finished your Mother's Day projects yet?  Did you make anything fun or buy anything special?


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