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Hi!  I’m MaryEllen.  Thanks for visiting Imperfect Homemaker!

Imperfect Homemaker

I have a passion for helping homemakers become all that God wants them to be!  My goal was to create a place where I don’t portray myself as the perfect homemaker, (because I’m far from it!) but where we can all work together to improve in our life skills as well as our walk with the Lord.


This is my husband and the love of my life!  You can read our entire love story here.

Imperfect Homemaker

     These are the little people I chase around all day!  And we’re expecting baby #4 in November 2013!  Just because it’s part of who I am and what I do, you’ll find a lot of articles regarding

Another topic you’ll see a lot here is that of healthy living.  You can start by reading the story of my journey to healthy living.

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