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6 Products to Help Prepare Your Home for Winter

I have a bittersweet relationship with fall.  I love the cooler air, the bonfires, and all of the pumpkin and apple flavored goodies that come my way.  But with the fall comes the knowledge that winter is on its way.  I've never liked the cold, and every winter, despite my best intentions to bundle up and go outside for some fresh air, I end up spending 99% of my time indoors.

All that time spent indoors means the house needs to stay clean!

A dirty house makes me feel quite irritable.  An irritable mommy stuck inside with 5 small children is not a good combination, so I need to make sure I'm prepared to keep the house as clean as possible!

When Babbleboxx wrote and asked if they could send some products to help me do some fall cleaning, I readily agreed.  I don't do sponsored posts very often, but this was clearly a perfect fit.  I'm excited to show you the products they sent, because I know you'll find them as helpful as I did!

Ready?  Let's take a look!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com.


Duck® brand Roll-On® Window Kits

We live in North Carolina, so I'm sure those from up north will laugh at my extreme aversion to cold, but nonetheless, our temperatures do occasionally drop below freezing! 🙂

The Duck® brand Roll-On® Window Kit is an easy way to keep those cold winter drafts from coming through the windows.  The edges are pre-taped, which makes installation super simple!  There's no need to even measure the thing, and it fits snugly on the indoor window frames to provide an airtight seal.

If you want to save some money on your energy bills this coming winter (and keep yourself more cozy), you should check these window kits out!

(Here's a quick video showing how easy it is to install them.)

Link to purchase the window kits: Click here

Scrub Daddy: Sponge Caddy & Scour Daddy


Babbleboxx sent me a box in the spring, which is where I was first introduced to Scrub Daddy.  I was happy to see that this box also had Scrub Daddy products in it because the  others I had tried had become some of my favorite kitchen products.

This time I got to try the Sponge Caddy and the Scour Daddy.

You know how the sponges on your kitchen sink get all nasty and slimy when they sit there all wet?  The Sponge Caddy provides a place to store them where they have air flow that helps dry them out.  The dual suction cups adhere to any surface, and the little holes allow the water to drain from your sponges into your sink instead of sitting there stagnating into a bacterial breeding ground.

The Scour Daddy is not like any regular old kitchen sponge.  It holds a firm shape, which makes it so much easier to wash dishes with it.  The scratchy surface cleans but does not scratch.  AND…the multiple colors mean that you can easily keep track of which sponge is for which job.  When you're finished, you can use the nifty little hang tag to hang your sponge to dry.

You really should go look at the Scrub Daddy website because I am not doing justice to just how essential of a kitchen tool these little guys are.


Molly’s Suds: All Sport Laundry Wash, Oxygen Whitener


I've been a Molly's Suds user for about a year now, but I hadn't yet tried either the All Sport Laundry Wash or the Oxygen Whitener.

In fact, having Molly's Suds included in this Babbleboxx was one of the reasons I so readily said that I would do this post.

It truly is one of my favorite laundry products, and I wanted to make sure you knew about this wonderful, non-toxic brand of detergent that actually works!  (I've not had great success with other brands of non-toxic detergent that I've tried.)

I've been equally happy with these two new varieties of Molly's Suds that I tried, and I think you will love them as much as I do!

You can purchase Molly's Suds All Sport Laundry Wash or Molly's Suds Oxygen Whitener right here.  (Through 10/31/17, use the code IMPERFECTBABBLE to get an additional 25% off your order.


O-Cedar: Pro Mist Max Spray Mop

What a pleasant surprise!  When it showed up on my porch I dropped everything and mopped my floors!  Almost all of the floors in my house are “fake” wood, and we've been able to keep them fairly clean by keeping our shoes off in the house and by making sure either me or the kids sweeps them daily.  But I've been wanting one of these little spray mops too so that I can quickly mop them.

The O-Cedar Pro Mist Max Spray Mop is perfect!  I can get my floors clean so quickly with it!

All you do is fill up the little container with your cleaning solution (I just use vinegar water with a little essential oil in it) and you can spray a squirt using the trigger on the handle.  Spray, mop, spray, mop.  So easy!

The reversible head means that when one side gets too dirty to use, you can just flip it over and keep going!  Then when you're finished you can take the re-usable microfiber mop pad and wash it so it will be ready for the next time.

I know I've said this about every product I've shown you, but this was one of my favorites!  Efficient cleaning is what I'm all about!

You can purchase your own O-Cedar Pro Mist Max Spray Mop right here.  (You might want to sign up to receive special offers here.)


PowerOE – Odor Eliminating Spray and Cleaner + Odor Eliminator


I can't imagine why, in a household which includes a couple bedwetters, children who sneak fruit into their rooms and leave the peels hidden under their bed, and boys who are…well…boys, why in the world we would need an odor eliminator!

The PowerOE Odor Eliminating Spray can be sprayed on sports equipment, garbage cans, bathrooms, you name it!  It can also be used to pre-treat smelly clothes.  It's dye-free and scented with essential oils (also available in a fragrance free solution.)

The PowerOE Cleaner + Odor Eliminator is powered by Thymol, a bleach alternative.  For a mom who doesn't like to use harsh chemicals, but who still needs to keep the house clean and get the laundry wash, it's nice to have some other options that will still do the job!

Find PowerOe right here and use the code IMH17 to get 25% off your purchase.



Grout Gator


The mom who invented this was using her thinking cap!  Why use a toothbrush to clean one grout line at a time when we can get the job done 4 times faster with the Grout Gator?!

(Actually the Grout Gator can clean up to 8 lines at a time, so you can get the job done WAY faster than the toothbrush method!)\

The adjustable brush heads fit over tile sizes from 2” to 13” so you can use it for whatever job you're doing.  And don't worry, when the brush heads get worn out you can replace them.

It's time to speed up your cleaning time! Go here to purchase the Grout Gator, and use the code BB17 for 15% off your purchase.



That's it for now!  I'm sure with these tools to help you, you'll have your home ready for the winter in no time!  What else do you to during the fall to prepare your home for winter?



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