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A Modest Skeptic’s First Stitch Fix

After seeing blogger after blogger after blogger raving about Stitch Fix, my curiosity finally got the best of me and I ordered my first box.

I resisted for the longest time because I knew that the prices are definitely a splurge and I am about as cheap as they come.

Also…I really wondered if they would send me modest clothes.  Modest means something a little different to everyone, and I wondered if they'd send me stuff I was comfortable with wearing.

I finally bit the bullet and decided to just see what it would be like.  They were having a special where they waived the stylist fee and I figured I could always just send everything back if I wasn't impressed.

A Modest Skeptic's First Stitch Fix

So, without further adieu, here is how it all went down.

You can take a look at the initial unboxing in the (very boring) video below.  I was trying to hurry and be quiet at the same time and it didn't work that well.  But if you're a glutton for punishment, go ahead:

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So, let me show you a couple pictures of my Stitch Fix and then share the pros and cons that struck me about Stitch Fix.

First was this maternity skirt.  (Yes, I'm pregnant with just a little bump at this point.  I thought they did a great job sending clothes that were the right fit for this stage of pregnancy.)

I didn't bother trying it on, though, because I could tell just from holding it up that it was shorter than what I would wear.  That one was going back for sure.

A Modest Skeptic's First Stitch Fix



Next was this black maternity top. I really liked it and it was something different which was nice to get me out of a rut.  Plus, it didn't really look like a maternity shirt and that's something I've been wanting.  But I had to send it back because it is completely sheer and the shell underneath did not provide enough coverage to make me comfortable.


The maxi skirt also came in the box and I really, really liked it.  It fit great and the fabric was very luxurious.  The only reason I sent it back is because I already have a skirt that looks similar and I didn't see a need to keep another one.

A Modest Skeptic's First Stitch Fix


Finally I tried on this dolman top.  I do not like dolman tops, but I tried it on anyway just to see.  I think it made me look like I had a chunky belly instead of having a baby bump.  It also sat too wide on my shoulders and you could see my straps.

A Modest Skeptic's First Stitch Fix


They also sent a necklace which I didn't need, so I sent that back.


I ended up sending every single thing back; however I still felt like they did a great job for the first time around.  I've heard that it takes them some time to learn your style, and the more feedback you provide the better they will be.

I felt that they were *so close* to getting my style right, and that after the feedback I left the next one will be even better.

Update: Here are the pictures from the second Stitch Fix box I received!

After I was all finished, I sat down and came up with some pros and cons to see if my skepticism really had any grounds or if I'm just cheap.  It appears that I'm just cheap.  Take a look:



  • Easy to order
  • Super easy to return what you don't want
  • My stylist did an awesome job trying to understand my needs and likes, especially with the challenge of my being halfway between regular and maternity clothes.
  • I liked that they sent pieces that could mix and match so I would get the most bang for my buck.
  • No shopping required!  With a houseful of kids it's hard to get out very often!
  • It's great for the fashion challenged because you have someone who knows what they're doing picking outfits that will work for you.
  • Each Stitch Fix comes with styling guide that shows you what other pieces of clothing you can wear with what they sent you.
  • The pieces match common pieces anyone would have so you would most likely have things to match already.
  • They have modest clothes!  When you go shopping you have to dig and dig to find things that are modest.  I love being able to say “send me modest” clothes, and boom, there they are!
  • Receive as few or as many boxes as you want.  If you are despearate need to build a new wardrobe, you can set it up to send you a new box every month (maybe even every two weeks?)  Or you can set them to com farther apart, or you can just order them only when you specifically want to.
  • It helps you try things you wouldn't have thought to try.  It's interesting to try on things that I didn't think I would like and find out I like them.



  • It is expensive, especially for someone who has always been a thrift store girl!

I set the budget to the lowest priced items, and the prices were still between $40 and $65 per item.


So yes, while there are many more pros than there are cons, money carries a lot of weight for a lot of us.  I never, ever, ever want to encourage any of my readers to spend money they don't have.

Less is more when it comes to clothing, so spending more on a few quality pieces that will mix and match is not really all that expensive in the long run.  But still…please don't spend money you don't have.

So Stitch Fix is for you if:

  1. You can set aside some money in the budget for quality clothing.
  2. You don't have the time to go digging around in the stores to find something that is both modest and flattering to your body type.
  3. You want someone else to do the work of finding outfits for you and you're not afraid to try new things.


Want to give it a try?  Sign up here to get started.


Helpful notes:

When you sign up, be sure to leave detailed comments about what you like to wear and why. I tried my best to define my version of “modest” so my stylist would know what to send.  I also made sure to create a Pinterest board of modest clothing that I like so she could see exactly what types of things I like.


Sign up for Stitch Fix here.

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