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Gifts for the Health Conscious

Do you have any health-conscious people in your life?

Is it challenging to figure out what they might like?

I've tried to help you out with some gift ideas for the health conscious.


As someone who is quite health-conscious myself, I enjoy the opportunity to discover new snacks that fit my dietary needs.  I don't always have time or energy to make things from scratch, so when I discover a packaged option that tastes great and isn't filled with nasty ingredients, I definitely make a note of it!

I got to try out a FitSnack box recently, and it was so much fun to find (and eat!) all the goodies inside!

Fitsnack subscription box

While not everything inside was my absolute favorite, I did find a few things that I really liked!

Those Mighty Flakes are gluten free, bean-flour based cereal.  I've never had anything bean-based that did not taste…well…beany.  The Mighty Flakes were actually delicious!  I'm a cereal-lover, but most gluten-free cereals I've tried are corn-based (which irritates my system) or rice-based (which gets over-used already in my house and I really need to diversify my diet much more.)  It was nice to find a cereal I can have on occasion that tastes great and offers a little more variety to my diet.

I found several other goodies I really like as well, like those YummySnack bars – kind of tasted like an Almond Joy!

Grab a FitSnack subscription here if you want to try out a new batch of healthy snacks every month!





YOOC Bluetooth Smart Activity Tracker is an easy-to-use wireless fitness monitoring device with an integrated dot matrix display.

All your personal fitness data is viewable right on the device or sync to the YOO App to track your progress and compete against your Old YOO in any of the YOO Challenges. YOOC comes with a magnetic smart clip so you can secure it to your clothing however you'd like.

And with a 6 month+ replaceable battery and a water-resistant design, YOOC will be with you as long and far as you can go.


Yoo Fitness Tracker

Check out the Yoo Fitness Tracker here!




Balance is dōTERRA’s Grounding Blend, which brings a sense of calm, peace, well-being and promotes whole-body relaxation. It also soothes sore muscles and joints, promotes circulation, supports cellular health and lessens stress to help with anxious feelings and nerves. It’s perfect for a sense of stability, bringing balance to situations of stress.  TO USE: This blend works well when 2 drops are applied to the bottom of each foot. You may also put drops on the wrist, over the heart, on the neck, or along the spine.  You can diffuse this blend in an essential oil diffuser, or if you don’t have a diffuser, put 6 drops on a cotton ball and attach to the air vents in your home. Do not use internally.

doTERRA Balance blend

Check out Holly's dōTERRA site here.



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