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Educational Gifts

It just wouldn't be right for a homeschooling mom not to include some educational gifts in her gift guide, would it?


So here are a couple of the best educational gifts for kids!



Awarded by the National Parenting Center, Pick and Draw is a fun, one-of-a-kind drawing game that teaches you how to make very creative cartoon faces.  And any age can enjoy doing it alone or with a group.  Providing endless hours of creative fun with the whole family, Pick and Draw is simple and easy to use…you'll be playing in 5 minutes or less!
Pick and Draw Game
For more step-by-step drawing help, you'll want to follow this blog by the creator of Pick and Draw
Also available on Amazon is The Big Book of Pick and Draw Activities – available in paperback (here) or eBook form (here).
Pick and Draw


I love gifts that keep on coming all year long!  Junior Captains will be super educational and super fun!

Capt. Bo & Alli are sailing around the world inspiring, educating, and entertaining the next generation of adventurers! Follow along as they send back videos, postcards, lessons, and stories of the people and places they encounter along the way!


Junior Captains Adventure Club

How to gift Junior Captains: Sign up your favorite elementary aged “Junior Captains” today and receive the custom Junior Captains Wall Map in time to wrap for Christmas.

Then in January your child will receive the full Starter Kit, including everything they need to follow along as we send back postcards, videos, and stories about each new landfall!

Junior Captains adventure club

Check out the Junior Captains program right here.



Do your kids like history?  Then they will love the Uncle Rick Audio Club!

Listen to Uncle Rick read historical fiction books from a time when stories were based on historical truth and character was always a part of the message!  Children will learn history and have fun at the same time!

Uncle Rick Audio Club

There is a lot more than just history too!  Uncle Rick audios carries a large library of classic books, Bible stories, and character stories, all in audio format.

When you sign up for the audio club, you'll receive two new audiobooks every month, plus bonus audios and 20% off every day at the Character Concepts store!

Interested?  Try a free 2 week trial which includes 2 audios of your choice!  If you like it and want to continue, do nothing and you'll receive your first $10 charge in 2 weeks.  Otherwise, you can simply cancel your membership and you won't be charged a thing!  To sign up for your free trial, go here and use the password AFF to get started!




Educational Gifts for Kids

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