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Christmas Carol Catch Phrase Game – Free Printable

Here's a fun and easy game to play at your next family Christmas party!

Great game for family Christmas party! Christmas Carol Catch Phrase - Free Printable


My mom asked each of us children to plan a game for our family Christmas party.  I wanted something that wouldn't too much running around/craziness since that's not really our family's personality.

I came up with a Christmas Carol version of Catch Phrase.

Here's how it works:

  1. Print the provided cards or write out your own.
  2. Divide your group into 2 teams and separate them into separate sides of the room.
  3. Give each group a set of 10 cards, plus a “winner” card at the bottom of each stack.
  4. When the leader says go, a person on each team will start describing the Christmas carol on their card to their team.  The team must guess what it is.  The one describing the card cannot say any of the words on the card.  They can, however, use other lyrics in the song if they want.
  5. Once the team has guessed correctly, they pass the stack to the next team member who will start describing the next  Christmas carol.
  6. Both teams continue this process until one has reached the “winner” card at the bottom of the stack.


I chose carols that are non-santa, since we don't do santa.  There are a couple secular Christmas songs in there, though.


Subscribers can print this game free. Just enter your info to subscribe and the download link will immediately appear. (NOTE: The ad companies love to put ads up that say “DOWNLOAD HERE”. Don't click those. 🙂 Once you subscribe, the correct download link will be obvious.)

Christmas Carol Catch Phrase - printable game for a family Christmas Party

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