10 Gift Ideas For Four Year Old Boys

10 Gift Ideas For Four Year Old Boys

Since my little guy is about to turn 4, I decided it was time for me to come up with some gift ideas for 4 year old boys!


I've compiled these ideas based on his current interests, so if you're wondering whether the 4 year old in your life would truly like these, I know my little guy would definitely say yes!

These would really be appropriate for kids anywhere between age 3 and 5.

Gift Ideas for Boys (ages 3- 5) | @mbream


You can find purchasing information for each item by clicking on its photo below.

1. Ride-on motorcycle

We are SO into motorcycles at our house, and a ride-on would absolutely MAKE HIS DAY!


2. The bounce house would definitely be one of those big splurge gifts.  When you consider how many endless hours of fun it would provide it would pay for itself in the long run.


3. Castle blocks

This is something that we already own (it was a previous gift) and it gets a lot of use by my (almost) 4 year old.


4.  Scooter

Every boy needs a set of wheels!  A scooter is the perfect riding toy for a child who can't yet ride a bike.


5. Bouncy Ball

This is another toy we already own which gets HOURS AND HOURS of use!


6. Baseball pitcher and tee

This is about the age where my boys start showing an interest in sports.  A tee is perfect for getting them started and then they will have the automatic pitcher for when theyare a little more advanced.


7. Hexbug

His older brother just got one and I know he would get a kick out of having his own.  What is so fascinating about these I don't know, but they seem to love watching them scurry around.  They like to make mazes for them out of blocks!

8./9. Soccer ball and goal

It is so cute to watch kids this age kick a soccer ball!  They can get pretty good when they practice!  My little guy wants to play on a team at the Y as soon as we will let him.


10. Kiwi Crate subscription

We got a sample box and we all loved it (including mom!)  It was the perfect thing for doing a project without wearing out a small attention span.  Mom loved it because we did a project without dragging out thousands of supplies.  Having the exact amount of supplies meant that once the project was completed, the mess was already cleaned up.



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