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How I’m Building a Modest Wardobe for Cheap

How I'm Building a Modest Wardrobe for Cheap!

Shopping for modest clothing is a never-ending hunt. I usually have the best luck at thrift stores, especially price-wise!

But browsing through thrift stores has become more and more difficult since little kids and shopping don't really go very well together. For a while I simply quit buying anything new, but I honestly felt very frumpy once my clothes became well out of style! I am not saying that our primary goal should be to keep up with all the latest fashions, but at the same time I think we should do our best not to look frumpy and to keep ourselves looking nice.

A couple years ago I found out about a website called Thredup, and it quickly became my favorite place to shop! They have a huge selection of gently used clothing and I don't have to leave my house and drag my poor children through the thrift store. (Read to the bottom to see how you can get $10 free to spend!)

It's easy to shop for exactly what I need since you can sort by brand, size, item type, and even color.


The picture above is just a sampling of some of what I have purchased there. I love finding feminine and modest clothing for a fraction of what I would pay at regular price!

Here's the best part — if something doesn't fit or didn't look exactly like I expected it to, I can return it free of charge! As long as I select to get my money back as a store credit, they will give me a pre-paid shipping label so I can return the item without paying shipping, plus get my money back for the item.

I love shopping at ThredUp so much, and I'm sure you will too. That's why I'm sharing a free $10 credit with you! (For new ThredUp customers only.)

To get your credit, follow these steps:

1. Sign up for a ThredUp account here.
2. Shop for your items (items start at $4.99, so you should be able to get a couple items totally free!)
3. Go to checkout.
4. As long as you made sure to sign up through the link above and you do not already have a ThredUp account, the credit should be there and automatically come off when you check out.

A couple tips for shopping:

Instead of browsing for hours on end (which you very easily could do), just pick the first couple items that you like, and check out quickly. Otherwise you will end up spending forever shopping, then you won't be able to decide, and you'll end up closing down the tab without checking out – wasting time and missing out on free clothes! (I have made this mistake myself, and I've talked to NUMEROUS people who have done the same thing.) Spare yourself from the same mistake by checking out quickly without over thinking.
If you need an idea for what to shop for, take a quick look in your closet for that skirt you like but have no top to match, or the dress that needs a cardigan to go with it.
I also enjoy searching Pinterest for “modest outfit”. I save a few that I like and search on ThredUp specifically for those items.

Say for instance you like this outfit:


Then you could narrow your search on ThredUp to skirts – your size – navy.

Search for tops the same way – try searching under both navy and white.

You can even search for a red belt since they have a selection of accessories too.

In this way, even those of us who are fashion challenged can come up with a cute outfit! I've been slowly building my wardrobe this way and have come up with a lot of new outfits that I don't think I would have been able to figure out on my own!

A couple other tips:

  • Strapless dresses make for nice, long, flowy skirts!
  • Look for high-necked tank tops to wear under tops that are too low.


Any other modest clothing tips to share?

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