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Valentine’s Gift Basket for Grandparents

One fun thing we like to do with the kids at Valentine's Day is have them give a small gift to their grandparents.

This year, we were given the opportunity to pick out some things at Family Christian to make a small gift basket for them.

We found a plaque in the clearance section that will go nicely in Grandma's newly painted kitchen!  We also found some lovely notecards with the words to “Great is they Faithfulness” on them.

For Grandpa, we found Valentine's Day chocolates with Bible verses on them and a coffee cup to go with it.

Valentine's Day Gift Basket for Grandparents



But of course the part that Grandparents love the best is the pictures of their grandkids!


Everything we do around here has to be super-simple, but we strive for cuteness all at the same time!


So I snapped one “regular” picture of the kids and glued it onto construction paper.  I wrote We Love You…

That was the front of the card.

Valentine's Day Card for Grandparents


For the inside of the card, I snapped a picture of the kids holding their arms open wide, glued it to the inside, and wrote “This Much!”

Valentine's Day Card for Grandparents


I am sure Grandma and Grandpa are going to love their gift from the kids!


Valentine's Day Gift for Grandparents


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