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13 Free Ways to Take Care of YOU

13 Free Ways to Take Care of You!


Many women shy away from taking care of themselves because they get the idea that it's selfish.

But you cannot pour anything out of an empty pitcher.  And if YOU are running on empty, you can't pour into the other people around you either.  Taking care of yourself is a very loving thing to do for your family.  It gives them the gift of a peaceful, calm wife and mom instead of a grouchy, irritable mess.

When you're running low on fuel and you need to recharge, it can feel like it's impossible to do anything for yourself.  There's just not enough time or money!

I understand we all can't go out and get ourselves a massage or go shopping at an upscale boutique.  So I've collected some easy, free ideas for you (many of which came from you all via my Facebook page – thanks!) so that you will have some ideas of how you (yes, you with the realistic budget and schedule!) can take care of yourself.

When you're starting to feel irritable it's time to quit folding laundry and thinking about everything on your to-do list and just relax!

Put the kids down for a nap or set them up with an activity they can do independently and try one of these:
1. Take a nap.

2. Soak in an epsom salt bath.

3. Listen to relaxing music.

4. Massage your feet with lotion.

5. Get up a few minutes before your family and enjoy the quiet.  If it's nap time, just sit quietly and rest.

6. Spend time with God.  (See: How to find time for God When You Can Hardly Find Time to Breathe)

7. Read.

8. Take a hot shower.

9. Spend time with a Godly friend, either in person or over the phone.

10. Eat some chocolate.

11. Put on makeup or pretty clothes, paint your nails, etc.

12. Exercise.

13. Write in a journal.



These ideas came from real ladies who have learned the art of self-care.  Did you notice that no one suggested spending more time on the computer or browsing their social media accounts?  The truth is, those things can leave you feeling more tired and discouraged than ever.  You might see all the picture-perfect Pinterest houses and weigh yourself down with the knowledge that your house doesn't look like that.  You might see all your Facebook friends talking about this or that wonderful thing that's happening in their lives and be discouraged that it's not happening to you.  You might see all the horrible news that's taking place in our world and be troubled by it.

Turn it off and just do something quiet.  Don't just rest your body; rest your mind and soul.




 How do you like to take care of yourself? I'd love to hear!




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