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5 Ways to be Your Husband’s Best Friend

Best friends.


We've all heard that husbands and wives should be best friends.  But how does that actually play out in real life?

You might want to be best friends with your husband but you lack the knowledge to do so.

I talked this post over with my husband before I wrote it because I wanted to be 100% sure that what I was writing was something with which he would agree!

Together we came up with these 5 Ways To Be Your Husband's Best Friend.


How to Be Your Husband's Best Friend



1. Laugh with him.

When you're out with your girlfriends no doubt there is a good deal of laughter that goes on.  You enjoy each other's company and you're naturally going to smile and laugh with each other.

But it goes to a whole deeper level when you're laughing with the one who is also the love of your life.

My husband and I share a million and one inside jokes.  We're always cracking up at what seems to others as random moments.  But we each know without even looking at the other what the other one is thinking.

It's funny.  And it's beautiful.


2. Grow in Christ together.

My closest friends throughout the years have been those with whom I share a spiritual bond.  Those with whom I've shared my prayer requests, no matter how big or little.  Those who aren't afraid to give me a spiritual kick in the tail when I'm off track.  Those who challenge and edify me through our conversations.

A husband and wife who want to be the best of friends will also help one another grow in Christ.  They'll pray together.  They'll share with the other what the Lord has been teaching them through their personal quiet time.  They'll ask the other for help when they're having trouble overcoming a certain character flaw.


3. Spend time with him.

Quality time together is one of the foundations of friendship, isn't it?

Why then do so many husbands and wives neglect to set aside regular time to date one another – to make time to talk about something other than which bills need to be paid and what time Johnny needs to be at soccer practice?

Do you know your husband's hopes and dreams?  Have you spent enough time with him to find out?

I get that life is busy, but you truly have time for what you make time for.  Make time for your husband.  Get creative.  (Here are 25 Stay-at-home Date Night Ideas if you need some help, then scroll down for a super-fun date night giveaway!)

4. Bear his burdens.

I'm not talking about major tragedies that couples might face.  Of course you're going to bear that burden with him. I'm talking about the little things.

When your husband comes home from work frustrated because he didn't have a productive day, give him a shoulder rub and tell him you're sorry.  Don't roll your eyes and say “Oh yeah?  Well let me tell you about my day!”

5. Enjoy physical touch

Physical intimacy in the bedroom should be just that – intimate.  Rather than succumbing to the temptation to make it a purely physical act, strive to connect on an emotional and even spiritual level.

Little touches throughout the day also tell the other person, “I enjoy being around you.  You're special to me.  You're my best friend and there's no one I'd rather be with right now.”


What other ways can you think of to be your husband's best friend?


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