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25 Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas

For many of you, paying a babysitter is not in the budget, so you skip out on dating your spouse.  But you don't have to!  Here are 25 stay-at-home date night ideas that hardly cost anything and will give you and your spouse the opportunity to communicate and strengthen your bond.




Plan ahead for which night you want to have your date, feed the kids an early supper and put them to bed early.  Then you can do one of the following:


1. Light a fire in the fireplace or light a bunch of candles.  Have an indoor picnic by the fire.

2. Make cookies together and eat them warm right out of the oven.

3. Snuggle on the couch and watch a movie.  Treat yourself to your favorite snacks while you watch.

Below are some fantastic suggestions for good movies to watch as a couple:


4. Play board games together.

Don't have any 2 player games? Check the widget below for some suggestions!


5. Read a book aloud to each other.

6. Eat a candlelit dinner.

7. Work on a home improvement project together.

8. Work out together.

9. Play video games together and enjoy the competition.

10. Watch a sports game.

11. Set up a pair of chairs in the backyard and stick your feet in the kiddie pool.

12. Make breakfast for dinner and have breakfast in bed.

13. Take a walk around the backyard.

14. Watch your wedding video.

15. Look at old pictures.

16. Watch home movies of the kids.

17. Read your love notes from when you were dating.

18. Dream and make plans for the future.

19. Do a puzzle together.

20. Have a spa night.  Pamper each other with massages or pedicures.

21. Do brain teasers together.  See who can solve them the fastest.

22. Read the Bible and pray together.

23. Sit outside and look at the stars.

24. Make a fire in the backyard and roast marshmallows.

25. Take an online class together.


Do you have any other great ideas for stay-at-home dates?25 Stay-at-home date night ideas - great list!


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