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Jamberry Nails Review

Note from MaryEllen: I asked Becky, one of my team members, to complete this review of Jamberry Nails and share her experience with you all. This review is part of our Christmas Gift Guide.


As a former Cosmetologist I must say I've been skeptical of Jamberry Nails and their claim to a long lasting product. Over the years I have tried Acrylic nails, Gel nails, Gel polish and many other nail products only to be disappointed when the nails would pop off or not work as they had been advertised. We won't even talk about the damage that is often times left behind! Personally, I had come to the point of no longer wearing anything on my finger nails, but kept my toe nails polished, lets face it, toes need all the prettying up they can get!

Jamberry Nails Logo

When Mary Ellen posted the Jamberry Nail sample for the Christmas Shopping Guide I decided to take the plunge one more time into the nail product realm. The application process was easy, there was no filing or buffing my nail bed causing damage and the product really does last! I'm so glad I gave this a try.

Here are my official Jamberry Nail Challenge pictures:

Jamberry Nail Challenge

I chose, what I consider to be, my very best nail polish to go head to head against the Jamberry sample. As you can see my best stuff did not last the full challenge week. To be honest, I have actually repainted my nails twice since applying the nail wrap and currently (day 8) am looking at chipped fingernail polish next to, a still perfectly good looking, nail wrap. This girl is SOLD, 100% on the durability of the Jamberry product!

Nail Wraps

With over 300 nail wrap options to choose from, including solid colors, transparent wrap patterns and wraps especially for child fingers you are sure to find something that will peak your interest! Go ahead and give Jamberry Nails a try; I am so glad I did!


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