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Showing Love to the One You Love (31 Days of Imperfect Homemaking)


For the married ladies — we know in our heads we need to make our husband a priority.  But in practice it all too often doesn't happen.

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I know for myself that by the time I take care of whining toddlers, put on my homeschool teacher hat for the largest portion of the day, change a few dirty diapers, clean up countless messes, discipline and correct children, clean up some more messes, and cook a few meals, I'm pretty worn out.  I very often haven't even had time for a shower before my husband comes home from work, and I'm definitely not feeling very romantic.  In fact, most of the time I'm feeling a little bit grouchy.

I have to work really hard at not unloading all the gory details of my day on my husband the minute he walks in the door.  I have to purposely remind myself to smile and be pleasant, knowing that he's had a long day too and the last thing he needs is a wife who's complaining about how long and hard her day was.

I'm most often up to my elbows in supper preparation while simultaneously trying to extract my legs from the grip of my one-year-old.  I've got to keep working if I'm going to get finished up and get everybody (cough…myself) into bed anytime soon.

So, while I may suppress the grouchy feelings and make a conscious choice to smile and be pleasant when my husband comes home, I'll confess…he often doesn't get a welcome home kiss.  I'm busy you know!

What happened to the good old days?  The days when I would watch out the window and run out to the car like an excited little girl when he came home?

Just because I'm busy and tired doesn't mean I love my husband any less, and I need to let him know by my actions!

Sure, I'm busy, but how long does it take to give him a kiss and tell him I'm glad he's home?

Today's Challenge: Find one simple way to show your husband you love him!  Just because you don't have time to do anything elaborate, doesn't mean you should let meaningful actions fall by the wayside!  Don't let your busy life crowd out the one earthly being who means the most to you!


Instagram challenge : Ahem.  I'll not be posting mine today.  I've never been one for kissing selfies. 🙂


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