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Dear Moms Everywhere


Dear Moms Everywhere - such an encouraging post for the Christian Mom!

Dear Mom on the iPhone: I have no idea why you're on your iPhone.  Let's just remember that our children see our love by the attention we give to them.  But they also need to know that the world doesn't revolve around them.  It's okay to let your kids play by themselves sometimes.  Just use your phone wisely.

Dear Mom Not on her iPhone: I'm glad you're giving your kids your undivided attention.  I really am.  But please don't think less of the moms who use their phones at the playground.  It's not our job to make sure everyone else is a perfect parent; we only need to worry about ourselves.

Dear Mom Who Breastfeeds Her Babies: It's a wonderful thing with so many benefits.  Perhaps it was easy; perhaps you had to overcome some obstacles.  Either way, I'm glad it's working out for you.

Dear Mom Who Doesn't Breastfeed: Maybe you were not able to breastfeed, or maybe you simply chose not to.  That's really up to you.  I know no one loves your kids more than you and that you're making the decisions you feel are the best fit for your family.

Dear Mom Who Feeds Her Kids Organic Food: I'm so glad you're caring for your children the best you possibly can!

Dear Mom Who Doesn't Feed Her Kids Organic Food: I'm so glad you're caring for your children the best you possibly can too!

Dear Mom Who Had a Natural Birth: Great job!  It's hard work!

Dear Mom Who Didn't Birth Naturally: Great job!  It's still hard work!

Dear Mom Who Adopted: Awesome job!  I've heard it's really hard work!


Dear Moms Everywhere

We're all so different.  Our circumstances and philosophies are as varied as the spectrum of colors.  But one thing we all have in common.

We will all fail at this motherhood thing without help and wisdom from above.

So whether you're rich, poor, crunchy, modern, supermom or tired mom, I can tell you one thing you need to be doing every day.

You need to be down on your knees, begging God to give you wisdom as you train these little souls.  You need to be searching His word for His advice.  Then follow it and don't worry about what anyone else has to say.

These little lives are too important for you to be pressured by your peers or even by some blogger you don't even know to parent your children a certain way.  You only have one person to Whom you answer, and that is God.  Have you thought much about what He thinks?

Perhaps you spend hours scouring the internet to help you make the best decision regarding vaccinations, co-sleeping, or babywearing.  Perhaps you follow lots of bloggers who will tell you how to stop a tantrum in its tracks, how to stop yelling at your kids, or how to get your children to stop stalling at bedtime.

How many of those hours have you spent on your knees?  

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We're talking about eternal souls here.  Eternal souls for which we are responsible!  What an incredible task!

Your pastor spends hours each week preparing to preach his messages.  An evangelist would be foolish to go out evangelizing without adequate preparation.  A missionary spends months and even years learning a new language and culture so that he can effectively win the lost to Christ.

But how much preparation do you as a mother put into the days you spend with these little souls?


Dear Moms Everywhere

Dear Moms Everywhere,

You are entrusted with a monumental task.  To fulfill it well,  you must daily seek wisdom and strength from the One who has entrusted you with that task.  There will be many challenges and obstacles to overcome.  But no sacrifice will be too great to make on behalf of the precious souls that are in your care.  If you are going to err, may it be on the side of thinking more about the eternal and less about the trivial.

God bless you on your journey!




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