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Printable Daily Planner for Disorganized People

Organized bloggers talk about their tried-and-true methods for keeping your house clean and being productive.  Most of them center on the concept of routine.  But what if you're like me and routine makes you bored?  Chances are you jump in to this system that is “guaranteed to work”, and it works great…for a few weeks.  Then you get tired of being locked in to vacuuming on Monday, cleaning the bathroom on Tuesday, etc.  You want to do what you want, when you feel like it — all without your house falling apart.  Me too!
I am not naturally organized, and I hate routine.  But instead of letting that defeat me, I have tried to find ways to work with my personality to create a system that works for me.

I noticed that the days I was most productive were the days when I was scribbling down everything I needed to do in a notebook.

Over time I noticed that without thinking I would always list “like” items together – for example, anything I had to do on the computer, any phone calls I needed to make, etc.  I had unintentionally created a system that was working pretty well for my personality.

I made a printable version to make my method look a little prettier.

free printable planner

How to use this printable:

Although this planner is intended to be used daily, you only need to print one copy.

Attach 6 standard sized sticky notes to the squares (I prefer Post-it Brand since they stick the best.)  Then label each section whatever you want it to be.

My labels are:

1. Basics – I write down everything that I have to do, even no-brainer stuff like “make supper”, “make the bed”, etc.  With a personality like mine, I really do forget if I don't write it down!

2. Extra – this is extra housework that does not get done every day, like mopping or cleaning the bathroom.

3. Shopping list – self-explanatory

4. Computer – this is anything I need to do on the computer, such as working on my blog or ordering grocery items from Amazon. (aff. link.)  That way when the kids are napping I can quickly work through what needs to be done, and I can easily see it on my list.

5. Projects – This area is for things like crafts that I want to make or fun activities I want to do with my kids.

6. Notes – I use this for stuff that's not necessarily to-do but that I still need to remember.  For example – “Tell hubby he has an email he needs to check.”

I love this system!  I can switch around what housework I do on what days, without forgetting about it altogether.  I make my schedule be a slave to me, instead of being a slave to a schedule.

I like using the Post-it notes because I don't have to print a new to-do list every day.  If I've completed the stuff on one square, I can remove just that sticky note and replace it.  If I still need to work on some of the stuff, I can leave that list right where it is.


Are you the “creative” type who gets too bored with a routine, but forgets to do things otherwise?  I'd love for you to try out this daily planner and let me know if it helps!





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