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How to Practice Safe Babywearing

Taking 4 kids to the grocery store, to the park, etc. is a little challenging, and it is definitely nice to have my hands free while still cuddling my newborn.

But there are some things about safe babywearing that I didn't realize, and perhaps some of you didn't know these things either. Boba is helping to spread awareness of how to practice safe babywearing.

Because an infant's hip socket is still developing, wearing baby incorrectly can cause a condition known as hip dysplasia. This condition occurs when the baby's hips become dislocated or misaligned.

Hip dysplasia has several different causes, and therefore cannot be 100% prevented; however, wearing your baby in the correct position can go a long way toward reducing your child's risk of developing it.

To carry baby correctly, he should be facing toward you and his knees should be higher than his rear. When a baby's legs are left to dangle or when his knees are at a lower level than his bum, his spine and hips are unsupported and can be injured.

An outward facing position is not good for mom's spine either as it throws the weight of the baby forward, leaving your spine to compensate.

This article at bobafamily.com explains the consequences that outward facing baby carriers have on baby's spine and hips a lot more in-depth.

How to Practice Safe Babywearing

You can also find a lot of information on hip dysplasia in general at hipdysplasia.org.

I've also created a Pinterest board dedicated to safe babywearing that you can check out:


I think I would be inclined to wear my babies a lot more often now that I know how much better an inward facing carrier is for their development and for my aching back! Boba is the only company that exclusively sells products that leave baby facing inward. I sure have been enjoying lots of sweet snuggle time with my 2 week old, but an inward facing carrier would make it a little easier.  


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