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For the Homemaker Who Never Has Enough Time

For the Homemaker Who Never Has Enough Time


I always seem to have waaaay more stuff I want to accomplish in a day than I actually ever accomplish.

The solution is actually quite simple if I would just do it:

  1. Determine what actually needs to be accomplished.
  2. Make a plan for how it's going to happen.

God doesn't give us more to do than He's given us time to do.  The question we must ask ourselves is this: “Is what I'm doing right now what God wants me to do right now?”


Each of us faces life circumstances – some with young children who seem to create endless housework, some with outside jobs taking up their time, some with chronic illnesses feeling like they've tackled the world when they fold a load of laundry.  The situation is different for all of us.


But one fact is the same for everyone:  trying to fit things into our lives that God didn't intend to be there only creates disorganization, frustration, and a lack of time to do the other things we really need to be doing.


Many things we homemakers would like to do are good and noble things, but if there's not room for them, it's not going to make us happier to try to cram them into our lives.


A peaceful home requires a lot of maintenance — so much maintenance, in fact, that it may seem you're not really “doing anything” with your time beyond feeding hungry bellies and cleaning up messes.   Those things might not seem glamorous, but that doesn't mean they're not necessary and incredibly important. Feeding your family and caring for your home are more than just mundane necessities of life; they're an active way to express love to your family.

But what about finding time for other pursuits? When can you do things you enjoy or minister to others outside of your home?

I've been using my Goal Setting Planner every day for the past several years to create my daily schedule, and it's been the best thing I've ever done. It helps me determine what my priorities should be and I an easily see what I need to be working on during each given day.

When you plan your time efficiently, you'll probably even find time to do some of the things you want to do as well.  You might not have hours to dedicate to your hobby, but you'll be able to find a few minutes to do something you enjoy.

What about when life's circumstances change? Seasons of life come and go fairly often, and with each new season you'll need to take a fresh look at your priorities and create a new routine to reflect those priorities. Taking an hour or two  to evaluate what's currently working and what's not will save you a great deal of time and frustration in the long run.

Time management requires intentional planning. When you try to wing it, no matter how diligently you work, you'll be less likely to manage your time efficiently and more likely to end every day frustrated with how little you got done. When you plan ahead, you'll be able to ensure you are accomplishing the most important things and you won't feel like you're just putting out fires every day.

If you want to see the Goal Setting Planner that I use, you can check it out right here.


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