Rite Aid Tugaboos Diapers Review

Rite Aid Tugaboos Diapers: My Experience

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rite Aid Tugaboos diapers.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.



I'm all about natural living here, but I don't do cloth diapers.  If you enjoy it, kudos to you.  I don't.  Disposables for me all the way.

But as we all know, the cost for those babies (I'm talking about the diapers, not the actual babies) sure does add up!

I do a lot of shopping on Amazon for diapers, and I try to buy them in bulk so that I always have plenty on hand.

But there are those times when I just haven't paid close enough attention to how many were in the closet, and I find myself in panic mode.  A last-minute run to the drugstore is not an option.
Rite Aid Tugaboos Diapers
Of course I look for the cheapest diapers I can find, but there is a difference between money-cheap, and quality-cheap.  I look for the money-cheap diapers, but I can't stand quality-cheap diapers.  What is the point of even putting a diaper on a kid if it doesn't hold any of their messes inside of it?

If there are no diapers on sale, and I don't have any coupons, the store brand is usually the cheapest option.  (Bonus if the store brand is the one on sale!)

I've used Rite Aid Tugaboos several times, and I'm happy to say that while they're often the cheapest option money-wise, they're not cheap quality-wise.  They don't feel quite as thick as the name brands, but they hold the mess in, and have a nice comfortable fit.  (At least, they look like they do.  I haven't personally tried them on.)
Rite Aid Tugaboos Diapers
Rite Aid Tugaboos have also received some upgrades recently, including increased leakage protection, hypoallergenic inner liner with a cottony soft feel, and a stretchable waist (love that stretchable waist thing!) (Well, the leak protection is pretty important too.)

And if you care about looks (please tell me you're not the mom who takes her kid to Walmart with nothing but a diaper on!), the diapers feature a cute, gender-neutral design.
>Rite Aid Tugaboos Diapers
Next time you get into panic mode and have to take one of those last-minute drugstore runs for diapers, take my word that you can save a little cash buying Rite Aid Tugaboos and not have to worry that you will have wasted your money.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rite Aid.

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