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10 Gift Ideas For Four Year Old Boys

Since my little guy is about to turn 4, I decided it was time for me to come up with some gift ideas for 4 year old boys!


I've compiled these ideas based on his current interests, so if you're wondering whether the 4 year old in your life would truly like these, I know my little guy would definitely say yes!

These would really be appropriate for kids anywhere between age 3 and 5.

Gift Ideas for Boys (ages 3- 5) | @mbream


You can find purchasing information for each item by clicking on its photo below.

1. Ride-on motorcycle

We are SO into motorcycles at our house, and a ride-on would absolutely MAKE HIS DAY!


2. The bounce house would definitely be one of those big splurge gifts.  When you consider how many endless hours of fun it would provide it would pay for itself in the long run.


3. Castle blocks

This is something that we already own (it was a previous gift) and it gets a lot of use by my (almost) 4 year old.


4.  Scooter

Every boy needs a set of wheels!  A scooter is the perfect riding toy for a child who can't yet ride a bike.


5. Bouncy Ball

This is another toy we already own which gets HOURS AND HOURS of use!


6. Baseball pitcher and tee

This is about the age where my boys start showing an interest in sports.  A tee is perfect for getting them started and then they will have the automatic pitcher for when theyare a little more advanced.


7. Hexbug

His older brother just got one and I know he would get a kick out of having his own.  What is so fascinating about these I don't know, but they seem to love watching them scurry around.  They like to make mazes for them out of blocks!

8./9. Soccer ball and goal

It is so cute to watch kids this age kick a soccer ball!  They can get pretty good when they practice!  My little guy wants to play on a team at the Y as soon as we will let him.


10. Kiwi Crate subscription

We got a sample box and we all loved it (including mom!)  It was the perfect thing for doing a project without wearing out a small attention span.  Mom loved it because we did a project without dragging out thousands of supplies.  Having the exact amount of supplies meant that once the project was completed, the mess was already cleaned up.



25 Clutter Free Gift Ideas for Homemakers

“It was a nice thought, but I really don't need this.  I don't want to get rid of a gift someone just gave me, but it's honestly just going to clutter up my house.”

Isn't that such a bad feeling?

I don't want you to have to feel that way this Christmas, so I came up with a list of  25 clutter free gifts for homemakers (things you'll actually use and love!) Now you'll have a go-to idea bank when your sister or husband asks what you want for Christmas.

You won't have to worry about any more unwanted gifts cluttering your house if your gift-giver gets wind of these ideas!




1. Restaurant Gift Cards – great for date nights or errand days

2. Etsy Gift Card – if you're wanting a specific accessory or home accent you'll be able to shop for exactly what you like.

3. Music/Audio- A voucher for some new music downloads, audiobooks, or dramatized stories to play as she does her housework is practical and clutter-free.

4. Weekend Away – A couple nights at a bed and breakfast with babysitting lined up would be an amazing gift for a husband to give his wife.  (Find fabulous deals on weekend getaways on Groupon.)

5. Tickets to concerts, events, museums, etc. are great for date nights

6. Gift certificates – perhaps for a massage, manicure, or hair salon

7. A Kindle or some real books if she likes real books better

8. Digitizing old photos and videos- this is something many women would like to have done but hesitate to do it on their own due to the price. Legacybox is a company I've seen highly recommended.

9. Something needed – New vacuum, replace old kitchen or bath towels, etc.

10. Outside plants – shrubs, trees, blueberry bushes, etc.

11. Home improvement or home décor gift cards

12. Food gifts –  cater to their dietary needs or to their favorite foods (gluten free, tea lover, coffee lover, chocolate lover, etc.) A Love with Food subscription box would be amazing!


13. YMCA/gym membership – only if she's expressed a desire for one! You don't want her to think you're dropping hints!


14. New cell phone – an upgrade would be a fun surprise


15. AAA membership


16. Home-cooked meals for the freezer – this might sound boring but it would be heavenly to a busy homemaker!


17. Maid service gift certificates – need I say more?  You can find deals on Groupon sometimes.


18. Offer your time and services – painting a room, fixing a computer, cleaning out and organizing a garage, etc.


19. Menu planning service – Build a Menu is the one I use and recommend.  You can purchase an entire year's worth of pre-made menus and save her loads of time!


20. Amazon Prime – This is sooo nice to have!  Free 2 day shipping on every day items like groceries and diapers saves tons of time and stress.  It's wonderful not to have to drag a bunch of kids to the store for those things.


21. Online class – If there's something she's been wanting to learn you can find online classes for almost anything. Craftsy is a good place to get classes on all kinds of things like cake decorating, sewing, photography and more.


22. Photo gifts – Women are sentimental creatures.  Photo gifts are perfect.  I have found that Tiny Prints has some very tasteful designs on their photo gifts.


23. Other sentimental gifts – For example, pay someone to make a quilt from sentimental articles of clothing.


24. Cute apron – I promise cooking is more fun when you look cute doing it!  Check out Flirty Aprons for all kinds of cute designs.


24. This one is for you to decide!  Let's put additional ideas in the comments so everyone can benefit!