Pray more consistently using My Prayer Journal

and watch God answer prayer!

A simple system for developing a regular habit of prayer

We've all said it to a friend in need: "I'll be praying for you!"  But the unfortunate truth is that we often forget to ever pray for them again, despite our best intentions.

What if you had a system for remembering all the things you need to pray for?  What if the system was organized in such a way that you could consistently pray for the many, many needs you have committed to praying for without feeling overwhelmed by it?

"The most common cause of unanswered prayer is prayerlessness."


Thank you!! This is beautifully put together and will be great for keeping me on track and
multiplying my prayers!!

Carmen H. 

This is for you if...

  • You do not have an organized system for keeping track of prayer requests and answers to prayer.  
  • You want to be able to pray for more people and more needs.  
  • You want to have a lifelong record of how God has answered prayer in your life.
  •  You're not sure how to begin a prayer journal on your own.

In this journal, you will learn to

  • develop a habit of prayer using a simple system
  • pray for more people and more needs without feeling overwhelmed
  • keep a written record of answers to prayer
  • easily keep track of prayer requests

My Prayer Journal includes:

Detailed instructions for setting up your prayer journal

            Scripture verses and Biblical insight on the topic of prayer

Gorgeous pages for recording prayer requests, divided into 6 different categories

Space to record ongoing, daily prayer requests

Space to record specific answers to prayer

Pages specifically designed to get to know God more intimately and adore him for who he is.


Bonus! Purchase the women's version, get the kids' version free!

​Once your purchase is complete, your files will be available for instant download.


Thank you so much for your prayer journal!  I just LOVE this!!  I am SO excited to purchase this packet and use it in my daily life!

Alisia R. 

Why should you use My Prayer Journal?

Become more consistent with your prayer life. Instead of trying to remember countless prayer commitments you've made, use My Prayer Journal to keep them all in one place.  A good system makes for a more consistent prayer life!

Have a lifelong record of answered prayer.  Every time you write down a prayer requests, you will also have room to record the date God answered that prayer.  Over time you will develop a tangible record of the many ways God has worked on your behalf as a testimony to his faithfulness in your life!

Make your prayer list more manageable.  Having a system which divides your prayer requests into specific categories that you can pray for each day ensures that you will consistently pray for each item on your list without becoming overwhelmed.

"My mind tends to wander when I pray, so writing things down allows me to focus and pour my heart out more thoroughly."

Get immediate access to My Prayer Journal

Receive a gorgeous 58 page download, which includes:

-Instructions for using the prayer journal system

-All the pages you need for recording your prayer
requests and praises

-Divider pages

-Biblical encouragement on the topic of prayer

-Bonus!  Get the kids' version free with purchase!