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Download FAQ

1. I entered my email address but did not receive an email with my download.

Check your spam box first.  Many times the emails land there.

Also, be sure you are checking the correct email address.  If you purchased a product and paid via PayPal, it will be sent to your PayPal email address.

If you still don't find the email, add imperfecthomemaker@gmail.com to your preferred senders list.  This will tell your email provider that you want my emails.  Then go back to the download page and enter your email address again.  The email should come through this time.


If that still doesn’t work or if you ordered a paid product, please email me at imperfecthomemaker@gmail.com and let me know that you didn’t get your email and that you have looked in your spam box. If you have a receipt for the purchase, it would be helpful to forward that to me. It makes the process faster.

Please be sure to tell me that you have followed the steps on this page, otherwise you will receive an automated message asking you to do so.  I receive so many emails every day and unfortunately cannot manually help everyone as I am usually busy with my family.  If you have followed all the steps and still have trouble, I will be happy to help you.


2. How do I download the file from the email?

You will get an email with a unique link. Simply click on the link and your download will start. Depending on the type of computer, your file may go into your downloads folder or onto the bar at the bottom of your web browser.

 3. Can I download more than one of your freebies?

Yes!   As a valued subscriber, you are welcome to download as many free products as you wish.  To get any freebie, just visit the page for that product and enter your email to have the file emailed to you.


4. I tried to download the freebie, but it said the link was expired.  Can I still get the download?

Yes!  Simply visit the page where you found the freebie and enter your email address again.  It will send you a brand new download link.

If you purchased a product and your link expired, please email me at imperfecthomemaker@gmail.com and I will get you a new download link.

5. My links aren’t working. What am I doing wrong?

If your link is not blue or clickable, it is possible that your email provider has blocked that ability. Simply copy and paste the link into your internet browser. The download should work just fine!

6. My files opened in a new browser tab or window. How do I save them to my computer?

Some browsers open files in a new browser tab or window. In most browsers, this is what you should do: Go to the tab that shows the file, then go to “File” in the menu above and choose “Save As” or “Save Page As.” Your computer will then give you the option to save the file wherever you like.

7. I tried to download on my phone, but now the file won’t open.

Many phones don’t have the necessary software to open the file types of the freebies and digital products. Save your email and come back to download when you can use a computer. Please note: the links do expire after a certain number of clicks.

8. Can I share the freebie with my friends?

Every freebie has copyright protection, just like physical books, and cannot be shared. Instead, share the link to where your friends can subscribe so they can follow the steps to claim the free offer themselves.