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Printable Number Concept Flashcards


I just didn't have it in my budget to purchase flashcards that I knew I could make.

As I finish making the various ones made that I need, I'll share them here on the blog so that anyone else that needs them can print them off too!

I have moved all of my homeschooling posts to christianhomeschoolfamily.com. You can go here to read this post at the new site.

You can go here to read this post at the new site.


Printable Flashcards


Fireman Fun

We've had a great time these past few days enjoying some time away.  Unfortunately I did an absolutely horrible job taking pictures.  I guess I got a little too relaxed.

Our four-year-old absolutely adores firemen.  He has fireman dress-up clothes that he wears all the time and is always saying he wants to be a fireman when he grows up.  When we came across this firehouse museum we knew we had to take him to see it. 

This was a victorian-era firehouse that had been restored.  The firefighters were anybody and everybody who heard the alarm.  Every house was mandated to have their own fire buckets, and the men would grab them and run to the fire house.  The horses stayed in stables in the back of the fire house, and they were trained to walk to the front of the fire wagon and wait when they heard an alarm.  Pulleys above the horses would lower their harnesses onto them, and the firemen could be out the door within 45 seconds.  The alarms rang in code telling the men at which house number there was a fire.  It would repeat itself over and over because someone might miss the beginning of it.  There was also a big church-type bell in the very top that they would ring so that the whole town could hear it. 

In the back of the museum were all sorts of vintage fire trucks, and there were other displays of old uniforms and other paraphernalia.  I expected Little Bear to love seeing all the firetrucks, but I actually found the museum to be quite fascinating myself.

If the Lord wants him to be a fireman when he grows up, I'll be happy with that.  I'll be even more happy if he gives his life telling others how they can be saved from the fires of hell.  Who knows what will be in store for this little guy?